Which Social Media Platform is the Best for Business in 2020

Which Social Media Platform is the Best for Your Business in 2019
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Which Social Media Platform is the Best for Business in 2019

Which Social Media Platform is the Best for Business in 2020: In this article, I am going to tell you Which Social Media Platform is the Best for Business in 2019? In today’s era, social media has become a great marketing platform. If you want to market your product right on the target, then the social media channel will be the best for you, first, you need to know about your audience.

Who is your audience?

Most people keep using these platforms to stay connected to their friends, family, fan, etc. on social media sites or apps. On this, you will find millions of people, in this, you have to create your own audience. For this, you have to target the audience according to your product. If you want to target the businessman then you will have to target business related people. You will find the group of audiences such as fashion, technology, students etc, on these social media channels.

Ways of communication

There are three basic methods for marketing on the social media platform so you can keep your point up to your audiences.

Text: – This is the easiest way for marketing so that you can reach your audience online as marketing text of your product. For this, you can update status on twitter or facebook.

Images: – Take a photo of your product and upload it to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest. This method is most commonly used by the customer to understand your product well.

Videos: – If you want to better explain your product through video then you can upload its video to Youtube and Facebook.

Which Social Media Platform is the Best for Your Business in 2019

Now let’s know about all the social media platforms that can prove to be a lot better for your business: –

1. Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social media platform, it has the largest audience network. If you are in the initial phase of your business, then Facebook will be your best platform. You can post text, image, video, link etc. On Facebook, you will also get the feature of live telecast which lets you get live telecast of your events, product launches to your audience.

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2. Google+

Google-created Google+ is also a social media platform. If you want to list your business well on Google, then make an account on it too. Keeping your product updated here also will make SEO of your website rank better. All of Google’s accounts like Google Business, Google+, Maps, etc. are connected, and this will keep your business impression good.

3. Twitter

Twitter is the best platform for product marketing. Its biggest feature is that you can target your competitor well. You can market your product worldwide through twitter. Most major companies remove all customer problems by this. If you want to use Twitter, you can do it like a customer care contract. You can also tweet anything in 140 characters.

4. YouTube

YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing network. If you want to market your product through video, then this platform can be best for you. Sometimes it happens that the product goes to the customer but they do not know how to use it,

In such a situation, companies upload videos to use the product on YouTube. Some people also upload videos to the product review on YouTube.

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5. Instagram

Instagram is the most popular platform if talk of social media mobile app. It can be marketed by image, video, and story. Just one minute video can be uploaded on Instagram. This is the best platform for marketing of food, arts, travels, fashion, photography etc. Instagram’s editor and filters are so unique that photos uploaded on it look quite good.

6. Pinterest

Pinterest is also a social media platform on which you can visually present your product to your audience. On Pinterest, you have to make the board according to your product category, then you can pin the product image through your website on that board. You can pin a product as much as you like. When a user clicks on your product image on Pinterest, the direct will go to your website.

7. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional social media platform. On this, you will find expert such as Businessman, CEO, Founder, Manager etc. If you wish, you can also list your business on this. Here you will find such experts, which can help you in your business growth. If you need staff for your business team, then you will find many employees at LinkedIn.


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