What Is Web Hosting?

Today we will know what is the web hosting, the world of the Internet is huge, where there are millions of websites, and web hosting is very important for the website. How can you be thinking? Because the Domain and Web Hosting together create a complete website. There are many new bloggers who have just started their own website and they buy wrong hosting in haste without knowing which hosting is good for them and which bad? They do not know what web hosting is, what is the name of the domain name, to web hosting, you should know everything. Because this is very important for your website. Before buying Web Hosting for the website today, I will tell you why to buy web hosting, you need to know what is the relationship between website and web hosting? And how many types are these? I’m going to tell you all this information here.

What is Web Hosting?

Whenever we build a website, then we need storage to bring our website to the Internet, which we get through Web Hosting. This online presence of our website appears on the internet. Every website that wants to see all the data from its website such as Photos, Video Clips, Data Files, online, other people are always active and accessible on the internet. We use web hosting to store those things on the Internet, which stores our entire data files online.

Many web hosting providers like:


and many more companies are available today to give web hosting to the website. It keeps our data on our High-Speed System Web Servers.

Different Types of Web Hosting

You know what web hosting is, now the next thing is how many types of web hosting are. After that, I will tell you about the best and trusted web hosting providers from where you can buy web hosting.

Web Hosting is of 4 Types:

  • Shared Web Hosting
  • Cloud Web Hosting
  • Virtual Private Server – VPS
  • Dedicated Hosting

1. Shared Web Hosting

As the name suggests, shared means interconnect. Since we are talking about hosting here, it means that hosting server, which hosts many websites, where the website is hosted on a single server and gives its monthly rent, this is the shared hosting service.

Benefits of Buying Shared Hosting:

Its price is also very low.

This is most accurate for new bloggers.

It is very easy to buy and easy.

Loss of Shared Hosting

His security for the website is quite right, but you get Low Security in Shared Hosting.

If your website is experiencing a lot of traffic, then what does it do Load Time Increase, since it is shared and traffic is coming to other websites then it also takes place in Handle due to which Your speed is slow.

2. Cloud Web Hosting

Talking about cloud hosting, it is a hosting that uses more than one server’s resource. This means that your website never slows down and your website is constantly connected to High-tech Servers.

Cloud Hosting Advantages

In it, your website is always 24X7 connected to many servers.

The website never has Server Down.

Security and Privacy Keep Too Much Secure.

Cloud Hosting Disadvantages

These hosting are very expensive.

This hosting website does not allow root access.

3. Virtual Private Server Hosting – VPS

As you know by name, what kind of hosting this is, because Private is used here, this means that such a hosting will be your website host and it will not be shared with another blog. This is a very good hosting. It basically works very well on a good server.

In this, the server is divided into smaller parts, whatever access your website needs, the full use of it will be used here, no other blog will be available here. This server is very good at security and after using this hosting, your website will not share your resource with any other site. This gives you unlimited resource facility which is great for your website.

Benefits of Taking VPS Hosting

The server’s resource will not be shared from any other website, which is hosted on your server by VPS Hosting.

It is very good in its own safety and performance.

This hosting is a very secure web server.

Loss of Taking VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting is a bit expensive in Price.

In this, you should have full knowledge about hosting handle, without knowing it you will not be able to customize it.

4. Dedicated Hosting

In Dedicated Hosting, your own website is the only server on which no other website is hosted and stores the data of your website on Personal Private Server. These are absolutely private.

Advantages of Getting Dedicated Hosting

This is the BEST in Hosting Security.

These are Powerful Server whose performance is much better.

The disadvantage of Dedicated Hosting

This type of hosting costs a lot.

Web Hosting Providers

Friends, if you are thinking of building a new website and you will need web hosting, you need to pay attention when buying a hostage because if you get in the wrong way, then it will hurt your website. There are many companies that offer the least amount of hosting and different types of hosting if you are aware of web hosting and are thinking of getting hosting, then this is the list of hosting providers company for you.


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