What is the Difference Between Domain Name and Web Hosting?

What is the Difference Between Domain Name and Web Hosting?
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What is the Difference Between Domain Name and Web Hosting?: Today, in this article, I am going to tell you What is the difference between Domain name and Web Hosting? Many new bloggers do not know that these are two different things. In this beginner’s guide, I will explain the difference between a domain name and web hosting.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is the address of your website that people type in the browser’s URL bar to visit your website. In other words, if your website was home then your domain name would be its address.

What is the difference between the Domain Name and Web Hosting?

The Internet is basically a huge network of computers connected to each other through cables. To easily recognize them, each computer is assigned a series of numbers called IP Address.

This is the combination of numbers different from the IP address points. Generally, IP addresses look like this: or

The computer has no problem identifying and remembering these numbers. However, it is impossible to remember humans and use these numbers to join websites on the Internet. Therefore, to solve this problem, domain names were invented.

The domain name can contain words that make website addresses easy to remember. Now if you want to go to a website on the Internet, you do not need to type the string of numbers. Instead, you can type a domain names easily, for example, technicaltipsnazir.com.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is the place where all the files on your website are live. It’s like your website’s home where it really lives.

One good way to think about this is that if the domain name was your home address then web hosting is the real home that addresses the issue. All websites on the web need web hosting.

When someone enters your domain in a browser, the domain name is translated into the IP address of your web hosting company. This computer contains files from your website, and it sends those files back to users’ browsers.

Web hosting companies are experts in storing and serving websites. They provide different types of hosting plans to their customers. Choose the right hosting for your website.


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