What is Google Adsense InFeed Native and InArticle Ads?

What is Google Adsense InFeed Native and InArticle Ads?
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What is Google Adsense InFeed Native and InArticle Ads?

What is Google InFeed Native and Adsense InArticle Ads?: Google Adsense launched two Ad formats, which are InFeed Native and InArticle Ads. If you have your own blog then you will know what is Google Adsense. If you do not know, then you can take some information from this link (What is Google AdSense? How does Google AdSense work? Who can use it). By keeping Google bloggers in mind and keeping in mind the blogger’s income, Google has published these two new ad formats. The advertising network every time works on some new ideas because advertising marketing is moving forward very fast.

What is Google Adsense InFeed Native and InArticle Ads?

That’s why Google Adsense has emerged with some new ideas. Google has asked its users about it that “if you want, you can take advantage of it by JoIn in Beta Test”. Very much a question comes to the publisher’s mind. Will this make any difference in Website Friendliness and we will tell you if there is anything new in it. Many qualified publishers are using Matched Content very well.

Google has used InArticle ads in the middle of the paragraph to give a good chance to the publisher, giving more boost to this feature. In which the dimension of the ad will be at least 250px wide and recommendations of those content to the publisher which supports the matched content of the website and blog. More information about all there is in the Google Adsense ad document. In-Article only means high-quality content with more response. In-Article Aids attracts more viewers.

We can customize Font, Headline, Description, and Background. So that it can match the design and style of the website. If you want, you can also use the style recommended by Google.

Before knowing about Google Adsense InFeed Native and InArticle Ads? you should know what is feed?

What is a Feed?

A lot of content on a website is in one stream. These contents appear in blocks that look alike. This content is seen one after the other. If we take an example, there is a list of articles, news, products, services, on one place in the blog, we will call them to feed. It can be shown anywhere on the page.

Examples of Feeds

  • Main Feed in homepage
  • Man Feed in the result page
  • A Feed in the sidebar
  • A Feed in the footer
  • Feed in horizontal page
  • Text feed

What is InFeed Native Ads?

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Google InFeed ad is very much discussed. Google has added some new features to InFeed ads, keeping in mind its publisher. The InFeed ad is just like the InArticle ad. Google is not auto-optimize when it comes to native. In this, the publisher can customize the ads as per their website requirements.

Ads headline, font, wrappIng and text, heading, description, URL alignment, button color, and boarders. We can customize all these. Both these ad formats InFeed Native and InArticle Ads publicly all publishers can use it. And you can customize them.

What’s New in Google InFeed Native Ads?

Publishers who use Google Adsense and ADX can create their own Ad. You can make it according to your own product. like:-

  • Display
  • Video
  • Games
  • Mobile In-app

Benefits of InFeed Ads

A new monetization tool that can make more money.

A better solution for the mobile web.

High qualities of advertisement.

It can easily customize.

Improved User Interface experience.


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