What is Directory Submission – Search Engine Optimization

What is Directory Submission | Search Engine Optimization
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What is Directory Submission | Search Engine Optimization

What is Directory Submission – Search Engine Optimization: Hello friends, today we will talk about what is the Web Directory. Why is Directory Submission Required? Why is it important for SEO and how to submit a website and blog to a web directory? This is a very simple and free way to improve the search ranking of the site to create backlinks on the blog. With this help, you can index your website in all search engines.

What is Directory Submission | Search Engine Optimization

After creating a website, the first thing comes to our mind about how to increase traffic to your website. To increase traffic to your website, we follow all the ways that help boost website traffic. In it, the most important thing is SEO (search engine optimization). SEO helps in bringing pages of our website to the top position of search engines. This increases the importance of your website in the search engine.

Similarly, Directory submission also helps to show our website in all search engines. This means that web directory submission is required to increase the search rank of the site. Because this, Search engine is easily aware of your website. Top 10 Powerful SEO Tips Step by Step Guide for Beginners 2019

Very few users know about it and its importance. If you also want to know about directory submission, then this post is for you.

What is Web Directory?

Web directory and link directory are a directory of the world wide web. This is a category and subcategory data organized collection. It specializes in connecting and categorizing other websites. DMOZ and YAHOO are the 2 most important and popular web directories.

The process of sending your own link to a web directory is called web directory submission. After submitting your website’s link to the web directory, a critic checks the legality of that link.

Directory submission is Off-Page Optimization’s Activity. This helps in increasing website ranking in Google searches. When your link is cleared it gets added to directory submission. Then search engines give more importance to your website.

In the web directory, search engines such as web pages are not listed according to the keyword, but in this, the web page is listed according to the category and subcategory. Most web directory does not crawl your website, in it, you have to submit the website yourself.

In the web directory, the website owner has to add their own site, after that they review your website and lists it, most web directory’s process is the manual. And you can also submit your blog to it. On‐Page SEO: An Actionable Guide for 2019

A web directory is a high PR (page rank) website. Where a lot of sites are added to the list of websites and categories and subcategories according to their content quality.

Why Directory Submission is Important for SEO?

Directory submission gives you a lot of benefits, and it helps to increase the search rank of your website which increases traffic to your website.

Benefits of Submitting a Site in the Web Directory

  • This lets search engines know about your website easily.
  • Blog’s domain authority increases.
  • Your website gets quality and safe backlinks.
  • The post shows on top of the search engine.
  • Your site’s pages and posts will be fast index in search engines.
  • Website search rank increases.
  • The website’s Alexa ranking will improve.
  • From web directories, you get inbound links.

Directory submission also has many benefits. This gives you a one-way link, which increases the value of your website in search engines.

What are the Requirements for Directory Submission?

If you want to submit directory, then this question 100% must have come to your mind, which is important for the web directory. For this, you have to keep these things ready.

  • Blog URL/Link.
  • Blog title/name.
  • Site author name.
  • Blog description of 100 to 150 words.
  • Email address.
  • Site RSS feed.

Because you will need them all the time, you should write to them all once in the notepad so that you do not need to create all these things every time.

Take Care of These Points While Submitting Directory

Directory submission will make your ranking better. But there is also the disadvantage and submitting the site on the bad web directory may also be the search rank down of the website so before listing submission then keep these points in mind.

  • Do not provide a Wrong address or physical data.
  • Do not submit the website to the wrong category.
  • Don’t submit site on web directory with reciprocal link management.
  • Always follow the parameter, submit the site to the web directory.
  • Submit the site in the only precision subcategory.

Do not submit your site to any unwanted web directory that claims to give you lots of backlinks and traffic. This can have a bad effect on your website’s rank.

Can You Submit Directory Submission in Free?

Yes? Of course, there are many free web directories available on the Internet which have more value than paid web directory. In a way, the blogger does not have to submit a site to a paid web directory, he can get good benefits from free web directory sites. You will find many free web directories on the Internet so you will not need paid sites.



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