What is a Computer Network?

What is a Computer Network?
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What is a Computer Network?

What is a Computer Network: Hello, friends Today in this article we will talk about what is Computer Network? How many types are there, part of a computer network, the benefits of a computer network and how to use it? It is very important to know all this.

Nowadays computer is connected almost everywhere, whether it is Bank, Office, School, College or Home, Computer is used at all these places. Just like the computer has become necessary for us, it is important to connect the computer to the right network, the right network is responsible for data transfer from the User’s Security and Speed on the computer. If you are connected to any online work, then it is very important to know about computer networks, Because now almost everyday computers are being used in our lives.

What is a Computer Network

The computer network started between 1960 and 1970, then its name was ARPANET. Today it has become the world’s largest network, which we know as the Internet.

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Whenever a computer connects to one or more computers, it becomes a Computer Network. It connects two or more devices so that they can share their information and resources with each other. Tools such as router are used to connect to the network. To connect with this, Wired or Wireless Network, Hardware, and Software are required, Protocol is used to connect all the computers connected to the network.

Type of Computer Network

  • Wide Area Network (WAN)
  • Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)

Wide Area Network

In a Wide Area Network, a city or country computer is connected to another country or city computer. This network is connected to a Wire or Satellite.

Local Area Network

In the Local Area Network, the computer is added to the inside of the Range up to 10 km – Ethernet and WiFi. Such a network is used in college, school, office or business.

Metropolitan Area Network

In the Metropolitan Area Network, the computer is connected to the area up to 100 Km.

Use of Computer Network

To print from only one Printer from different computers.

To make multiple users work together on a single project.

Sharing any information from one computer to another computer.

To open a single file in many computers.

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Parts of Computer Network

Creates a Complete Computer Network by adding lots of parts-

  • Cable.
  • Server.
  • Topology.
  • Node.


A cable connecting a computer to another computer is called LAN Cable. Through this, data or any information is transferred from one computer to another computer.


The server is also a computer, but it can be controlled from all the computers connected to the network. This is the main part of the computer network.


How a computer is connected to another computer is all part of Topology. It shows what the computer’s location is and how it is connected to the cable. Whenever the computer is added to a network, it is very important to take care of Topology.


Any computer connected to the server is called Node. A Node has its own address so that the Node is identified and this address is necessary to connect the Node to the server.

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Benefits of Computer Network

Computer networks have many advantages:-

Application Sharing: The computer network user can share the application on another computer.

File-Sharing: Computer networks help users share data files.

User Communication: Network allows users to send an email, videos, and messages.

Hardware Sharing: Users can share Printer, Scanner, CD ROM Drive, etc.



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