5 Ways Google Can Track You and How To Avoid It?

5 Ways Google Can Track You and How To Avoid It?
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5 Ways Google Can Track You and How To Avoid It?

5 Ways Google Can Track You and How To Avoid It?: If you use the Internet, then you must have done a Google search and would also know about Google. Do you know that Google tracks every single activity of yours? Yes, if you don’t know, let me tell you yes, Google knows what you do on the Internet.

Google simplifies our online work as well as easily tracks your location and activity. In this internet and digital era, every activity of yours is monitored. Google tracks you like a spy. Google not only tracks your activity but also collects your data. Google does this so that it can make more money by finding out your choice and showing you the advertisement of your choice.

5 Ways Google Can Track You and How To Avoid It?

Google knows all your secrets. Meaning what you are doing on the Internet, Google knows everything. In this post, I am telling you some tips that can save you from Google’s track.

1. Do Not Share Important Information

Many people search credit card number, ATM PIN, bank account number, PIN, password and other important data in Google search engine or send it in Gmail message. As soon as you do this, Google tracks it and saves it for forever.

If you want to avoid this, then never search for all this information on google. Use Google wisely and always keep in mind that what you are searching in Google will not become a problem for you. Also, never search for wrong information on Google.

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2. Use Voice Search

Google also tracks your voice search. If you do not want Google to track your voice search, then you should avoid voice searching. If you have to do voice search then you should not search or share any of your important information in Google so that your data will be safe.

3. Use Safe Browsing

If you do not want Google to track you, then use safe browsing. For this, you can open chrome browser and Firefox and press Ctrl + Shift + N key button, it will open safe browser and you can use it. With this, Google does not track your browsing history, cookies and information.

With these methods, you can avoid tracking yourself from google, and use the Internet safely. And always keep in mind that you should never search for something that becomes a problem for you, and you have to be disappointed.

4. Avoid Tracking Location

We sometimes forget our security about technology and are not afraid to share credit cards, bank account details online, that is why we have to face problems many times. Google can easily track your every location. If you want Google or nobody to track your location, then you have to avoid location tracking. For this, you go to the Settings of your phone and go to the Privacy and Safety option.

Here you will see the option of the location, turn it off. After doing this, Google will not be able to track your location.

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5. Delete Voice and Web Records

When you log in to the Internet browser with Google Gmail ID, Google stores your history. You can delete it from time to time. For this, you have to go to the My Activity History page. On this page you see a long list of history, you can delete it.

Apart from this, go to specialty audio page, on this page you will get all the voice command details. The easiest way to close your voice and web records is to disable this feature and delete all these files. You can delete any recording by clicking on the three-dots menu.

Note: Use safe browsing while working like internet banking, mobile recharge, bill payment, online shopping, money transaction, etc.



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