Most Useful Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

Most Useful Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers: In today’s post, I will tell you about Most Useful Google Chrome Extensions which will prove to be very beneficial for bloggers. Friends, if you are reading this post, it is very important for you to read this post because reading this post will help you in blogging. Google Chrome Browser’s Extensions for a Blogger are so important, we probably do not have to tell you because Google Chrome Browser is an important Web browser for everyone.

Most Useful Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

Extensions of Google Chrome Browser are mostly used by Bloggers and in this way we can increase its usefulness by adding some important Chrome Extensions to it. If you have chosen a blogging career or you do blogging for a time-pass, then it does not make any difference because we think it is very important for everyone to know about these extensions. Friends, if you want to know about these “Google Chrome Extensions” then read this post till the end

1. Keywords Everywhere Extension (Keyword Tool)Keyword 

Everywhere is a free Keyword Research Tool Chrome Extensions, which is very important for all bloggers because it shows you Search Volume and CPC (Cost Per Click) data for the useful Google Keyword of useful websites.

Whenever you search something in the Search Engine, the data about it, for which you have to go to Google Keyword Planner, you get it right here means that after installing this Extension in your Chrome browser, you will need to enter any keyword On the right you search on Google, you will find its Search VolumeCPC (Cost Per Click) etc., due to which you will not have to use Google Keyword Planner again. (Click Here)

2. Google Dictionary Extension

This is a very good and most important Chrome extension for all people, especially for bloggers because through this extension you can know the meaning of any word that you do not know. The most special thing about this extension is that you do not need to do much to know the meaning of that word, to know the meaning of that word, you just have to click twice on that Word constantly. (Click Here)

3. Grammarly Extension

This is also a very great Chrome extension, which will prove to be of great benefit to those who write Blog in English. If you are weak in Grammar, then you no longer need to panic because it is an extension that makes bloggers correct the Grammar.

Not only that, if you accidentally write a word incorrectly, then it highlights it with red color so that you can correct that mistake. That’s why Google Chrome Extension is a great extension for those who write their blogs in English and whose Grammar is not good. Friends, you can use it according to your requirement. (Click Here)

4. Block Site Extension

Through this Google Chrome Extension, you can block any website for a specific time. After blocking the website, whenever you want to go to that website, that website will not open until the time of blocking is completed, meaning that you have blocked that website for as long as you do not Will open.

This extension is very important for those bloggers who cannot spend much time with their blogs or spend most of their time on social websites. This extension is also important for those who waste their time on a website which is not of any use. (Click Here)

5. LastPass Extension (Free Password Manager)

This extension is very important not only for bloggers but also for all individuals. You do not need to remember any of your passwords after installing this Google Chrome Extensions in your Google Chrome browser.

Friends, you just have to remember the Master Password of your LastPass Account. It is absolutely safe and you can buy it for its better experience or you can use it for free. (Click Here).


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