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Use Of Keyboard Function Keys: Hello friends, Today I’m going to tell you about the uses of all 12 Function Keys [F1 – F12] in this post. There are too many shortcut keys on the computer. Out of which the use of common shortcut keys is used by all. Like to copy [CTRL + C], to paste [CTRL + V], etc. But the computer keyboard has 12 Function Keys, which you all know. Most people do not use these Function Keys. Because they did not know its uses.


Use Of Keyboard Function Keys

Friends, you can make your work easier by using computer function keys f1 -f12. Because these function keys are also very useful. I will tell you about the use of all function keys F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, F10, F11, and F12 in this post. After that, you can also make your work easier by using them.

F1 Key – Use for Help

Use of F1 key is used for help. If you want to understand the function of a program or you do not know about it, you can open the Help Center.

  • Open Help Center: Press F1 Key Button
  • Windows Help Center: Press Windows Key + F1
  • Open Task Pane: Press CTRL + F1

F2 Key – Use for Rename

You can select a file or folder and simply press F2 to rename it.

  • Print Preview on Microsoft: CTRL + F2
  • Rename Any File or Folder: Select File or Folder & Press F2
  • Open Document on Microsoft: CTRL + Alt + F2

F3 Key – Use for Open Search Box

The F3 key is used to open the search box. You can use F3 to search any word in any program.

  • Shift + F3: Change Text on Microsoft Office
  • Press F3: Search on Internet Browser
  • Windows + F3: Open Windows Advance Find Box

F4 Key – Use for Close Application

The F4 Key is used to close any application, software or program and shut down the computer. But in Windows XP it is used to open the search box.

  • Press F4: Open Address Bar on Windows Explorer & Internet Explorer
  • CTRL + F4: Close Single Tab on Browser
  • Alt + F4: Close any Application, Software or Program
  • Alt + F4: Windows Shut Down, Restart, Sleep, Switch User

F5 Key – Use for Refresh & Reload

The F5 key is used to refresh the computer and to reload a page in the browser.

  • Press F5: For Refresh Computer
  • Press F5: For Reload Browser Page
  • Press F5: For Refresh any File or Folder
  • Press F5: Find and Replace Words on Microsoft Word
  • Press F5: Start Slideshow on Powerpoint

F6 Key – Use for Go to Address Bar

The F6 key is used to access the address bar. But it only works in the browser. Such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini, etc. You can search for anything by pressing F6 directly in any browser.

  • Press F6: Go to Address Bar on Any Internet Browser

F7 Key – Use for Spell Check & Grammar Check

The F7 key is used to check the Spell and check the grammar. You can check Spell and Grammar of any document in Microsoft Office, such as MS Word, MS Excell, MS Powerpoint, MS Outlook, Etc.

  • Press F7: Check Spell & Grammar on MS Office

F8 Keys – Use for Extend Section on MS Office

The F8 key is used to make Section Extend in MS Office and to open the computer in Safe Mode.

  • Press F8: Open Safe Mode at the time of Starting Computer or Laptop
  • Press F8: Select Key Matter on MS Office

F9 Key – Use for Update Field on MS Office

To refresh the document in Microsoft Office, the F9 key is used to send and receive an email in Microsoft Outlook.

  • Press F9: Refresh any Document on Microsoft Office
  • Press F9: Email Send & Receive on MS Outlook
  • Press F9: Open Measurement Tool on Quack 5.0

F10 Key – Use for Highlight Menu Bar

The F10 key is used to highlight the Menu Bar in Microsoft Office and Windows Explorer.

  • Press F10: Highlight Menu Bar on Microsoft Office
  • Press F10: Highlight Menu Bar on Windows Explorer
  • CTRL + F10: Maximize & Minimize Open MS Office Program
  • Shift + F10: Open Right Click Options on MS Office

F11 Key – Use for Full-Screen View & Normal Screen View

The F11 key is used for the full-screen view in Window Explorer and any Internet Browser.

  • Press F11: Switch between Full-Screen View & Normal Screen View on Window Explorer
  • Press F11: Switch between Full-Screen View & Normal Screen View on any Internet Browser

F12 Key – Use for Save As & Open Developer

Use of F12 Keys is used to save Microsoft Office and Paint’s file. Apart from this, it is useful to open Developer Page in Browser.

  • Press F12: Save As the Document on Microsoft Office & MS Paint
  • Press F12: Open Developer Page on Internet Browser
  • CTRL + F12: Open Document on MS Word
  • Shift + F12: Save the Document on Microsoft Office & MS Paint
  • CTRL + Shift + F12: Print Document on MS Office.



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