Top 7 Most Impressive Google Apps

Top 7 Most Impressive Google Apps
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Top 7 Most Impressive Google Apps – which you all use in your Daily Life. Most people rely on Google apps only. Google Apps has created some good apps that are useful to you in your daily life. Then read it carefully. Which can be quite useful to all of you.

1. Google Tez

Google Pay - a simple and secure payment app
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Developer: Google LLC
Price: To be announced

Google Tez is a mobile app. You can download it on your smartphone. Through this app, you can easily send money to another person.

To send money through this app, you will not even need to know the account number of the recipient. The money will arrive instantaneously and will get instant information about it. Actually, these features of fast are all in the UPI App.

The UPI is a payment system that works in the mobile app. Many payment apps have been prepared by making this system the basis. Such as BHIM, SBI Pay, Phonepe, etc. And now even Paytm and Mobiwik are also using the same system. Google has come up with many new features. And brought together the best reward program.

Top 7 useful Google Apps 2019

And the people took this new product immediately from Google. You know that Google has developed this app for a special India. The ‘Cash Mode’ feature used in it identifies another phone-based on sound and transfers money.

2. Google Drive

Google Drive
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Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free+

Google Drive is a website to store online files in away. On Google Drive, you can upload up to 15 GB file, document, audio, video, mp3 software.

That’s totally free, Google Drive gives you a lot of features for free. Those who rarely give you another website. If 15 GB is not enough for you then you can also buy more space. As I mentioned that you can upload a file to Google Drive, there are many questions along with how to upload it. If uploading a personal file, whether it will appear to anyone or not, or they will not come in Google search. You do not need to take all these tensions, Because only you will be able to see and nobody. So you can upload without tension.

3. Google Docs

Google Docs
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Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

This is a product made by Google that we can use online at no cost, in this, we create Docs files. If you want to make a document in your best possible way.

So you can use Google Docs. There are so many included in this that you get in MS Word. Here you can use many types of textual style. There is no need to save Google Docs frequently. This is an automatic save in our Google Drive which we can access anywhere. Suppose we have gone somewhere and we need these files, we can use it right there from the computer or mobile.

4. Google News

Today, everything is online now. At this time, At this time the newspaper only holds a few people in hand, because other people read news from their phones.

By the way, Google News shows you the perfect news of the whole world in every second. And that too without money you just need the internet. You can read the news of the whole world, sitting somewhere easily. Google News proves to be very useful inside your daily life. And you get the perfect news. Because Google is a responsible company. And no false news spreads, you can use it if you like it.

5. Google Calendar

Google Calendar
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Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Google Calendar is a time manager and list calendar created by Google. It is available on the web.

Also available on Android and iOS portable working framework as a mobile application. Through this, you can track your event, and share it with the Timetable. You can also update for your event and location can also be added to the event.

It’s a great apparatus to make a professional and personal timetable. It is a very easy and powerful instrument to use. If you have a google account, you will have to go to to use Google Calendar. Google Calendar gives users the authorization to Create Event and Edit. By this, you can add events, reminders, and birth dates to Google Calendar. Google Calendar can be Toggle on Weather Icon.

6. Google Translate

Google Translate
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Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

You must know that today’s many languages are also operating in our country.

Google Translate is used to translate the words, sentences, web pages and documents into one language into another language.

Use of Google Translate

You have the following options for using Google Translate:

Visit this link in your computer browser –

Use to install on a computer as a browser add-on

Download Google Translator App on Mobile: Go to your mobile app store and search google translate.

7. Google My Business App

Well, if we talk about today, too much competition has been increased in business and today people are searching from their mobile-only. Because no one wants to find, Google My Business App made that work even easier. Now my business will be able to see anywhere. If you have a business then register today on Google My BusinessApp and continue your business.


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