Top 52 Incredibly Useful Websites You Should Know

Top 52 Incredibly Useful Websites You Should Know
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Top 52 Incredibly Useful Websites You Should Know: Today I am going to tell you about Top 52 Most Useful Websites in this article. You all know that millions of websites are available on the internet. But not all websites are useful and helpful. And anyway we do not even know about all the websites. But there are so many websites available on the internet. There are some websites that are very useful and helpful for us. If you want to know about the available useful and helpful websites on the Internet then read this post fully.

Top 52 Incredibly Useful Websites You Should Know

1. Grammarly: – With the help of this website you can correct your Grammar Mistakes. These websites are best for Grammer Improvement. You can also install their extension in your chrome browser.

2. Google Translate: – This is an online Translator Tool. Which Google has created. In this, you can translate any language into any language.

3Godaddy: – This is the Best Domain Registrar Website. You can register Top Level Domain from here.

4. Google Fonts: – This website has a large collection of fonts. It’s made by Google. From this, you can easily use any font.

5Google Shortener: – You can shorten any link or URL from here. It’s made by Google. 

6. Pixabay: – On this website, you can download Non –Copyrighted Image in Free. This is the best website to download images in free.

7. Pic Resize:- This is the best picture resizing tool on the internet.

8. SmallseoTool:- This is the best tool to check whether your website’s content is Plagiarism or not.

9. Kiddle: – This is a search engine created by Google for children. There are only results related to children. It is completely safe for children. Because it is made by Google and it is specially made for children only.

10. Small PDF: – Every kind of information about PDF will be available on this website. In addition, you can convert any format file into any format in it. Such as – PDF to JPEG, PPT to PDF, DOC to PDF, JPG to PDF, etc.

11. Duolingo: – This site is best for learning free language. In this, you can learn any language free. Such as – English, Hindi, Spanish, French, Etc.

12Old Version: – If you are looking for an Old Version of a Software or Application, then you will get the old version of any software on this website.

13. Ptable: – On this website, you will find every information about the Periodic Table. If you are a student of science then you can learn about the Periodic Table from here.

14Mail Drop: – If you want to avoid spam mail, you can use this website. These sites are meant to avoid spam mail and drop spam mail.

15Pixlr: – Like Photoshop, you can also edit the photo anyway on this website.

16Wikihow: – On this site, you will find information about every category. E.g. – Health, Technology, Entertainment, Education, Business, Finance, Travels, Computer, Etc.

17PNG Compressor: – From here you can compress any photo. You can compress the image of JPEG and PNG format both here. I also can compress the PDF file as well.

18Canva: – On this website, you can use the online logo, poster, Twitter cover, facebook cover, etc. Can create.

19Powtoon: – From here you can create an animated video.

20Fiverr: – You can make money by doing online work in Fiverr. Here you can do any work online. If you have Talent then this site will be the best for you.

21Magzter: – If you are passionate about reading magazines, then this site is the best for you. From here you can read the Magazine Online.

22Homestyler: – This website is for 3D, HD Home Designing. You can design any Home Building, Interior and Exterior from here.

237-Min: – You can get information about Health and Fitness from this website. If you want to be Fit and Healthy then this site can be best for you.

24Skillshare: – You can learn about all categories from this site. This website can be the best option for enhancing skill.

25TwoFoods: – From here, you can compare any two foods and discover its advantages and disadvantages.

Most Useful Websites 2019

26PaperRater: – This website is only for students. Students can write an essay and article here, and check their performance.

27HundredZeros: – You can download any kind of Ebook free from this website. Ebook in any way I mean Ebook of any category.

28Kleki: – If you are passionate about painting then this website is the best for you. You can paint online from here.

29Chrome Incognito: – This is Google Chrome’s one of the best tools. Google created Incognito Browser so that if you use a browser on someone else’s device then your details are safe. You use Google Chrome’s Incognito Browser in another device. With this you do any work, so nothing is stored in incognito.

30Webcam Toy: – Many fun effects have been given with Webcam at this site. You can use a Webcam in a fun way from here.

31WebSDR: – This website is for worldwide Shortwave Radio Broadcast to listen. – You can check your Internet Current Speed with the help of this website.

33GT matrix: – This is the best site to test speed your website/blog. From here you can check the performance of your blog. – From here you can easily post in all your social media accounts on one click. Such as – Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Linked In, Etc.

35Apify: – From here you can create a clone of any site. With the help of HTML.

36. Thunkable: – You can create your own Android or iOS mobile app by simply simple Drag & Drop here.

37Upwork: – This is a freelancing site. From here you can earn money by working online according to your talent.

38Off Liberty: – If you have internet for Limited Time. So this site has worked a lot for you. Since you can access any video, video, music, etc. from any site from here. It can save offline. – Here you can check any file by scanning online that the file does not have a virus.

40Icon Finder: – Icons are available in every category of the world on this website. You can easily download any icons from here.

41Noisli: – To do your work with Focus, you can take the help of this site. From here you can create your Focus.

42Codecademy: – If you want to learn Coding then this website is the best. You can learn Coding from here.

43W3Schools: – If you want to learn about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Php, Net, etc. Then this is the best website. Most sites are coded here. So you can learn from here.

44Pexels: – You can download non-copyrighted videos/images free from this website. You can also use it in website/youtube videos.

45Medium: – This is a Story website. You will find stories about every category here. Which you can read.

46Pablo: – You can design your social media post on this site, even in just 1 minute.

47Quora: – Quora is a very good site to ask questions. Here you can question the topic of any category. You will find the answer here. Apart from this, you can also answer the questions here.

48SuperCook: – If you are fond of making a new Recipe, then this website is best for you. From here you can learn all kinds of Recipe.

49. DesignEvo: – Here you can create a logo for a blog or website for free.

50PageSpeed Insights: – In this site, you can check the loading speed of the blog or website.

51Google Chrome Extension: – This extension will have to be installed in your Chrome browser, after which it will correct your grammar mistakes.

52Typingweb: – You can learn to type from here by doing online typing practice.


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