Top 10 Free Websites for Download Blogger Templates

Top 10 Free Websites For Blogger: If you are a blogger then your blog will need a good SEO Responsive, AdSense friendly Templates. It is very important to have a good template for blog traffic. The better your blog’s look will be. More visitors would like to visit your blog.

Top 10 Free Websites For Blogger

We need a good template for your blog to look good. Traffic increases by putting custom templates on blogs. And blog looks professional too More visitors get attracted. Today I will tell you about The Top 10 website which gives a blog template. You can download the template for both Blogger and WordPress platforms here.

Gooyaabi Templates

Official Website:

This is a very popular and best website for a blog template. Here you will find all the templates, SEO Ready, AdSense Ready, Clean, Simple, Responsive. Here you will find both Free Templates and Premium Templates. This is a very good website to download templates.

Sora Templates

Official Website:

This is also a popular and good website to download the template. You will find all template free in Sora Template. You can also buy them if you want. All themes here will get mobile responsive. Many stylish templates are available in it. It will find both simple and stylish templates.


Official Website:

This is a free theme provider website. All the themes will be available free. In BTemplate you will find all the templates simple and clean. This website is completely filled with simple themes. Apart from this, you can check yourself, you just have to visit this website. If you want a simple and clean template for your blog then you can see it in it.

Best Blogger Templates

Official Website:

In the best blogger template, you will find all templates full responsive and fast loading. Fast loading of the template is very important, Because, with slow loading, Visitors will not like to come to your site. So choose a template that loads quickly. So you can go to this website and see.

Theme Forest

Official Website:

This website matches exactly with its name. Like all the trees and animals found in the forest. Similarly, all types of templates are found in the Theme Forest. This website contains Blogger, WordPress, Ghost, Site Templates, Portfolio, Etc. The template is available for If you can invest a bit, then this website will be the best for you. Because this website offers good templates, at low prices.

My Blogger Themes

Official Website:

In My Blogger Themes, you get RTL and LTR support themes. Apart from this, there are 1, 2, 3, 4 sidebar support templates available. Once you check yourself by visite on their website. From here you can search a good looking template for your blog.

Fresh Design Web

Official Website:

This is also a very good template website. There is a template available for both Blogger and WordPress. Also get a template for more platforms. In this, you get a completely fresh design template. If you want to make your blog look like a website, then definitely visit this site.

New Blogger Templates

Official Website:

New Blogger Template is a good website, for the template. In this, you will find all the new and old templates available. Apart from this, all templates will be SEO Ready, AdSense Ready, Clean, Simple, Responsive.

Design Scrazed

Official Website:

If you want a stylish and nice design template. So you can go to Design Scrzad and see. In it, you get the Well design theme. With their template, you can give your blog a nice look.

Spicy Trick

Official Website:

In this website, you will find the template according to your topic. If your site is related to health, then you will get health templates in it. Which will make your site more attractive. In this website, you will find Better Templates for Tech, Magazine, Fashion, Car, Blog, Portfolio, E-Commerce, Etc.


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