17 Pro Tips for Becoming a Successful Blogger in 2020

Tips For Becoming a Successful Blogger
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17 Pro Tips for Becoming a Successful Blogger in 2020: Do you know how you can become a successful blogger. By the way, becoming a blogger is very easy. All you need to do is create a blog and publish content regularly.

But, it is very difficult to become a successful blogger. What should be the specialty in you so that you can easily become a great blogger by leaving behind your competitors.

Before making blogging your carrier, it is important to think and understand that it is very important for you to have that passion too because blogging requires Dedication, Smart Decision, Hard Work, and Research.

Because nothing happens without hard work. If you want to become a successful blogger and earn both name and fame in this field, then you have to work hard and diligently in this field.

If you want to start a blog and want to be successful, then what are the things you have to take care of so that you can get success in blogging and earn money from it,

If you want to know all this, then I am going to tell you some such tips. Which will help you a lot to become a successful blogger?

Pro Tips for Becoming a Successful Blogger

Here I have shared some such tips with you, which will prove to be very helpful in becoming a better blogger in the future. If you want to become a successful blogger then always follow these tips and remember it.

1. Publish At Least Two Articles in a Week

If you are a part-time blogger, try to publish at least 2 blog posts a week. But if you are a full-time blogger, then publish blog posts daily.

Google gives more priority to blogs that publish regular posts. This increases both your ranking and blog reader. So if you want Loyal readers, post regularly on your blog.

2. Focus On Quality Not Quantity

If you want to earn money from blogging, then always pay attention to quality instead of quantity. If you give quality content to your readers, then no one can stop you from being successful.

New bloggers always make this mistake, they think that if I write more posts then traffic will come on the blog and Earning will happen.

But it is not like that at all. Traffic and earning on the blog will not be caused by posting more posts. The blog will be successful only when you give the best content to your readers.

3. Write Lengthy Content

Larger content ranks better in search engines than smaller content. So always try to write detailed, high-quality, lengthy posts.

But keep in mind one thing, do not write rubbish in it to increase the length of your content. Because visitors will not like to come back to your blog after reading your content.

4. Do Keyword Research

Almost every new blogger makes this mistake. New bloggers start putting content directly on the blog without doing keyword research. This is the biggest mistake.

There is no use of writing blog posts without keyword research. Because in that you do not know which keyword to target, how much is its search volume, what is its keyword difficulty.

So if you want to bring traffic to your blog, then keyword research is very important. Before writing any blog post, if you write a blog post without keyword research, it will not be easy to rank it in Google.

If you do quality content and on-page SEO with proper keyword research, then its chances are high to rank. Want to bring traffic to your blog, always do keyword research before writing any blog post.

5. Treat Your Blog Like Business

If you want to earn from blogging, then treat Blogging like a business and many things have to be learned in the business, and you also have to invest. If you are thinking about earning money from blogging without investing your time and money, then it is not possible.

Just like every business takes time to grow, similarly, you will have to give time in blogging here you will not be able to suddenly earn money from blogging.

It takes time and also takes money, as if you put money in the business and you earn money, you will have to invest money in blogging as well.

You all will know that you have to invest money to earn money. So if you want to earn from blogging and want to become successful, then you have to spend both time and money.

Look at any big blogger, he has invested both his time and money, so today they are at this stage.

6. Solve the Problem of Your Readers

Bloggers who solve a visitor’s problem get success very quickly. Suppose you go to a blog or YouTube channel and ask for help for a problem with a question, but they do not respond to you.

Then you, will go again on that blog or YouTube channel? “no at all” If you want to become a successful blogger, then reply to the visitor’s comments and solve their problem.

Also, if you get a lot of comments on your post, Google will consider your post to be helpful and also will rank better in search results.

7. Improve User Experience

If your blog’s user experience is poor, then visitors won’t stay on your blog for long. So make sure to make your blog mobile responsive. Because more search is done from mobile.

To check if your blog is mobile-friendly, you can use the Mobile Testing Tool developed by Google. If your blog is not mobile-friendly, then you should install a Responsive and fast loading WordPress theme on your blog.

8. Choose the Best Blogging Platform

17 Pro Tips for Becoming a Successful Blogger in 2020
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Choosing the right blogging platform is very important for any blogger. There are many paid and free Blogging Platforms available on the internet.

I would recommend you start a blog from WordPress.org, to start a blog on this you will need a domain name and web hosting.

9. Do Not Go for Cheap Options

This is a blogging mistake that 99% of new bloggers do. This means that new bloggers use cheap hosting or Nulled, cracked themes or plugins.

They do this because they do not spend money and think that their work should be done for free. By using cheap hosting or nulled ya cracked themes and plugins, the website is hacked or the site is down.

Therefore, don’t use cheap hosting or nulled ya cracked themes and plugins.

10. Learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO means Search engine optimization. It helps you to get No.1 rank in Google search. But SEO does not give instant results, for that you have to be patient. There are two types of SEO-

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-page SEO

On-Page SEO: On-Page SEO is an SEO Technique that we do on our blog post page. You can understand from the name itself, On-Page which means the page that is above, it is called On-Page SEO.

And it is most important for Ranking. In simple words, Optimizing content quality, keywords, titles, tags, etc. to get a better rank in the search engine is called On-Page SEO.

Off-page SEO: Off-Page SEO is also called “Off-Site SEO”? According to MOZ – All the work done outside the website whose impact falls on the ranking of the Search Engine Page [SERP], is called Off-Page SEO.

In simple words, The link building and promotion process are called Off-page SEO.

Best On-Page SEO Tips:

  • Focus on Content Quality.
  • Optimize Your Title.
  • Write lengthy content.
  • Create SEO Friendly URLs for Your Blog Post.
  • Do Keyword Research before writing a post.
  • Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly.
  • Add your focus keyword in the first 100 words.
  • Improve Your Site’s Loading Speed Optimize Meta Descriptions.
  • Write Regularly Fresh and New content.
  • Fix Broken Links in Your Content.
  • Do internal linking.
  • Use Related Keywords in Content.
  • Use Long-Tail Keywords for your article.
  • Optimize Your Images.
  • Avoid Keyword Stuffing.
  • Use Proper Heading Tags.
  • Use Images and Video in Your Posts.
  • Keep Your Blog Clean and Simple.
  • Use Outbound Links.
  • Use Social Sharing Buttons.
  • Use Nofollow Tag for Affiliate Links and Untrusted Links.

Best Off-Page SEO Tips:

  • Create a link through Guest Posting and Email Outreach.
  • Submit your article to High-Quality Directories.
  • Comment on popular websites or blogs.
  • Join a question-answer site.
  • Improve social media signals.

11. Improve Your Writing Skills

Writing Skills is the best weapon to become a successful blogger. If your writing skill is very good, then you can easily become a successful blogger. Also, pay attention to spelling. This improves the quality of your content.

12. Use Images in Content

While writing any content, you must add an image to it because an image is equal to a thousand words. But the image should be related to your content. The image makes your content more engaging and attractive.

Use the correct name and alt tag for your images, it helps you to get better rank in image search. When you upload images to your content, you can easily add an alt tag to your image.

But keep in mind one thing, you cannot use Google Images. They can be copyright protected. How To Create SEO Friendly Images For Blog Posts

You can create images for your blog from Canva.com, or download images from free stock image sites such as MorgueFile, Pixabay, and Pexels. Best Free Stock Images Websites

13. Blog’s Loading Speed

17 Pro Tips for Becoming a Successful Blogger in 2020
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Today, users have no patience for websites with poor load speeds or performance. If your blog takes more time to load, then people will move to another blog by pressing the back button from your blog.

Website loading speed greatly affects both your search ranking and user experience. Because Speed ​​is a very important Google ranking factor. Also, visitors do not like to visit the Slow-loading website or blog.

Here Are Some Best Tips to Improve the Website Loading Speed

  • Use the Lightweight theme.
  • Upgrade to PHP 7.2.
  • Optimize Your Image Size.
  • Delete Unwanted Media.
  • Minify CSS and JS Files.
  • Keep Only Useful Plugins.
  • Minimize Redirects.
  • Use a CDN.
  • Use a Good Web Hosting.

14. Use the Contact Form on Your Blog

Use the Contact Form on your blog so that users can contact you easily. For this, you will have to create a Contact us page on your blog.

There are many contact form plugins available for WordPress. But the name of WPForms or Contact Form 7 comes first in the best plugins. You can also use them.

15. Create High-Quality Backlinks

Backlinks can drastically change your site’s ranking. This helps in increasing the domain authority, traffic, and ranking of your site. But your backlinks must be of high-quality.

Bad, Spammy, Buying, Low-Quality backlinks can greatly damage your website’s ranking. So avoid them. What is Backlinks and How to Build Them in 2020

16. Buy Best Web Hosting

Incorrect hosting can spoil your blogging career. By taking cheap and wrong hosting, your blog will be in downtime most of the time and will load very slow.

Therefore, always buy hosting from a trusted hosting company. There are many web hosting companies in the market that promise to be the best,

But after purchasing the hosting from them you may regret it. So whenever you want to get hosting, buy from a good company.

Here I have listed some Best Web Hosting Companies from which you can buy hosting.

17. Promote Your Content on Social Media

Today every user is associated with social media sites and spends his valuable time on them.

So after publishing your post, share it on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, etc. These platforms can help in Getting Traffic to your blog.


So, friends, we talked to you about this post, about the 17 Pro Tips for Becoming a Successful Blogger in 2020. We hope you have liked this post. If you have any questions or suggestions in your mind that you want to give us, then you can tell us below in the comment section.

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