Social Media Security Best Practices For 2020

Social Media Security Best Practices For 2020
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Social Media Security Best Practices For 2020

Social Media Security Best Practices For 2020: Social media networking sites are the internet’s most powerful app for everyone, it is part of our personal smartphone. These social media sites are the best way for any job, job seeker and currently to make new friends and connect with new friends and enjoy with them. We can spend a good time here with our family member or a personal friend, one can share the feeling with the other, but in today’s era, the pressure of hackers is overpowered.

Social Media Security Best Practices For 2020

These hackers can steal our personal details and we will not even know but if we take some steps then we can keep our account safe on sites like social media. In this post, some special tips have been given to keep your account safe on social media, by following which you can keep your account secure on any social sites. If you have created an account on a social site and you share your personal details with your friends, then you will need to keep your account safe, so read the tips given below carefully.

Do Not Share These Things on Social Media Sites?

Some things we should not share on social sites? Social media networking means opening and sharing online details with one of your family. But there is so much information that you should not share online on social sites, to save yourself from sharing with people, too much information can save you from identity theft.

It also has the power to protect your physical security. Never share your social security number, birth date, home address or home mobile number (you can keep your business number if you want) on social sites. Also, you should keep your password, pin number, credit card and personal details of the bank account safe, but I have a personal opinion, never share the village, city, and state in which you live.

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By this, any wrong person can steal your personal details, social security number and your other identity. Social sites give you permission to ban who can see your important details. But not every social site has this option, you cannot keep your essential information safe on all sites. If the social sites you are on do not provide options to keep personal details safe, you can request these facilities by emailing them.

If you request, you will get a massage. After reading this topic, you must have understood what we should not share on these social sites.

To Keep Your Account Safe on Social Media Follow These Steps:

  • Pay attention to what you share on social sites, do not share your personal details like a home address and other details, all of these details can be stolen.
  • If you do not know any person and he is unknown, then you should not accept his request without seeing it. It may be a fake account.
  • To keep your account safe on social sites, use antivirus software for your computer and also pay attention to your computer.
  • Set different passwords on each of your social media accounts.
  • Create a strong password which is so long that even hackers cannot guess such a big password.
  • If you are an Android user and you have social media application installed on your device, then ensure your device for password security.
  • Set Your Security Answer, This 2-factor authentication is active for all social media sites.
  • Do not click on any site link, app link on social sites without any information about that link. Social media accounts are mostly hacked in this way.
  • Stay familiar with social media sites that you are using, and customize your privacy settings, who can see your profile.
  • Whenever you are not on these social media sites, always keep it Logged Out to keep your account safe.

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You will definitely have an account on any one of all social media sites, but here are some tips to keep your account safe on all social media sites, this is not much but I have shared it in short. I hope that if we and you follow these tips, we can keep your account safe and save our personal details from being hacked.



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