SEMrush Affiliate Program (2020) – Promote BeRush and Earn Dollars For Lifetime

SEMrush Affiliate Program (2020)- Promote BeRush and Earn Dollars For Lifetime
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SEMrush Affiliate Program (2020)- Promote BeRush and Earn Dollars For Lifetime

SEMrush Affiliate Program (2020): SEMrush is one of the Best Affiliate Programs in the world. You can do better Earnings than this, as it provides 40% Recurring Commission per Sell. That is, you will get a commission every month. Let’s know how to earn money from SEMrush’s affiliate program BeRush.

SEMrush Affiliate Program (2020)

The BeRush is the official Affiliate Program of SEMrush, which can also be called the SEMrush Affiliate Program. You can earn money by promoting the SEMrush Tool by joining the BeRush. Its Recurring Commission system makes it great. If you do not know about the recurring commission, then it is explained below.

What is Recurring Commission?

Recurring commission is the payout that is received by Referral Link to buy the product as well as bill payments every month.

For example, when a user purchases a product through your referral link, you get a Fixed Commission Amount. After this, when the user makes the next time payment to renew the plan, you will still get a commission. That is, if the product is paid every month then you will continue to get a commission every month. This is fixed at Lifetime or sometimes.

How To Earn Money from SEMrush Affiliate Program

It is very easy to earn money from SEMrush affiliate program, you have to promote it on your blog or website after joining its affiliate program. After that, whenever a user will buy a SEMrush plan through your affiliate link, you will start getting a commission.

To earn money from the SEMrush affiliate program, you will have to join its official affiliate program BeRush Join.

How To Sign Up on BeRush?

For this, you first go to its Affiliate website

Click on Join Now and Register.

register for berush
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Now a popup window will open, in that you can Register with Email-ID.

After successful registration, you can log in to your BeRush account. Now the look of BeRush dashboard will be something like this.

berush dashboard
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Here you will find the Referral ID in the promo material section along with the main page. With this referral ID, you can promote the SEMrush tool on your blog.

You can do SEMrush Promotion in 2 ways.

  • Manual
  • Promo Materials

Below is explained about both ways:

1. Manual

In the first way, you can promote by adding a direct referral ID in the link.{ID}

Here, instead of {ID}, you have to replace the referral ID of your account, in this way,{Your Id No.}

Similarly, you can direct any of the following sections.

  • Dashboard
  • News
  • Webinar
  • Prices
  • Company
  • Help
  • 7, 14, 30 Day Free Trial

All you need to do is add your referral ID to the end of each URL so that BeRush can track the traffic you send.

2. Promo Materials

In the promo material, you will find methods like Banner, Widget, Link Generator, Sensor Widget, Backlink Widget, Traffic Analytics Widget, etc.

berush promo materials
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You can choose promo material according to your requirements and include it on your site. In this way, you can earn money from SEMrush promotion by joining the BeRush affiliate program.

How Much Money Can You Earn with SEMrush Affiliate?

It depends on the traffic and conversion of your site, the more you sell, the more you will earn. Suppose 10 customers purchase a plan of $ 99.95 per month from your referral link, then you will get 40% i.e. $40 commission of $ 99.95 from a purchase.

If you get 20 sells in a month then you will earn $800 in a month, which is more than about 55,000 INR. Not just one month, you will get its commission as long as the customer continues to renew the membership of SEMrush.

This is for the SEMrush Pro Plan if the same number of people take the Guru plan then $1600 per month, and if they take the business plan, then you will earn $3200 dollars in a month.

BERUSH $100 Contest

Apart from this, you can also win the $100 prize by participating in the Berush $100 contest. You can also make extra income from SEMrush Summer Challenge Offers. It carries a reward of up to $500. The winner will be mentioned on the news and its Facebook, Twitter profiles.

Why should We Join SEMrush Affiliate Program?

Whether or not you should join SEMrush affiliate, you must have understood from the information given above, but let us tell you 3 main reasons for this.

  • 40% Recurring Commission: You will get a commission every month, meaning you cannot guess how much money you will earn from it.
  • SEMrush is Popular: Yes, SEUMrush is one of the most used digital marketing tools worldwide.
  • SEMrush is Great: Yes it is very good, I have personally used it for many months, you will not be mistaken by sharing it with your blog reader.

BeRush Affiliate Terms

To use SEMrush affiliate program you must know about its Terms & Conditions, the following are the BeRush Terms and Conditions:-

  • Your account will be blocked when you subscribe to SEMrush with your own referral link.
  • All Non-US citizens are required to fill the W-BEN form.
  • BeRush / SEMrush brand should be used to promote it.
  • If the referred user is already a customer of SEMrush then you will not get any commission.
  • Custom banner & widgets should not be used.
  • PayPal Threshold is $50 and the Wire Transfer Threshold is $1,000.
  • All payments are made on the 10th and 25th of each month.

This was information about making money from SEMrush affiliate program, I hope you have understood everything correctly.


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