Rs.1 Crore Reward for Playing PUBG Game Here

If you are passionate about gaming, then you must have played PUBG. PUBG, the player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, has achieved the first position in the world of gaming in the last few months. More than 100 million people have downloaded PUBG Mobile from Google Play Store. Considering its popularity, the smartphone maker OPPO has announced the sponsorship of the PUBG Mobile Tournament in India. Under this tournament, the prize will be given to the winner.

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Rs.1 Crore Reward for Playing PUBG Game Here

This tournament is being called PUBG MOBILE India Series 2019. It will be played in India as a National level event. This tournament will be played as 4 different stages in three months. Registration has started and it will run till January 23.

How to Register

Only students in this series will be able to participate. To win this you must have at least 20 level PUBG players.

By visiting PUBG Mobile India website, click on Register now.

Here you will have to create an account through your Email ID. After this, you will be able to register.

Registration has started and it will run till January 23.

The qualifier game will be from January 21 to January 27. During this time you will have to play 15 Erangal matches with Registered Skoids.

Playoffs will be held from February 10 to 24, in which top 2000 teams will be able to reach.

The grand finale of this tournament will be on March 10, where only 20 top teams will arrive. During the tournament, users must have the latest version of PUBG.

Who will Get the Reward

The prize money in this tournament is Rs.1 crore. The winning team will get Rs 30,00,000. The team reaching second place will get Rs. 10,00,000 and the team reaching third place will get Rs. 5,00,000. Such top 10 teams will be given prize money.

The Redeemer – Most often health restore players

The Healers – Most Reviving Players

The Exterminators – It will have players with maximum skills

The Rampage Freak – Most Killer Players in a Game

MVP – This category will be the most frequent MVP players

The Long Ranger – Most Serving Players in Game.


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