Google Will Secure Your Smartphone from Hackers

Google Will Secure Your Smartphone from Hackers
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Google Will Secure Your Smartphone from Hackers

Secure Your Smartphone from Hackers: Google has released a physical security key for Android smartphones. In the case of most cybercrime, hackers steal users’ online credentials through a smartphone. In this way, companies have to work hard to stop the cybersecurity breach. Keeping this in mind, Google has introduced a Two-Factor Authentication feature for users who can save users from cyber-attacks with online credentials of smartphone applications. Apart from this, the company has also issued a security key to users who can protect the account from hackers.

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Secure Your Smartphone from Hackers

Google has eliminated the problem of caring for a security key through another device by adding this feature to the smartphone. In this way, your Android smartphone will now also act as a security key that will save you from potential cyber-attacks.

As with two-factor verification, the Security key will tell you about the website you visit, the website is fake? This feature of Google will be available for Android 7 and above smartphones. This means that more than 50 percent of Android users will benefit from this feature.

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This feature is currently working on Google Chrome and Google Accounts. The company can expand its scope soon. For Google’s physical security settings, users will need to go to the Google “Settings” option on the Android phone.

Users will then have to search for 2-Step Verification. After this, going into the Security option, you need to select your smartphone as a physical security device. When Signing In, keep in mind that if you have Bluetooth enabled, then you will be able to sign in to the device.

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