Premium Vs Free WordPress Themes

Premium Vs Free WordPress Themes
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Premium Vs Free WordPress Themes

Premium Vs Free WordPress Themes: Here, we will tell you about Premium Vs Free WordPress, should you buy WordPress premium themes? Or use free WordPress themes on your blog or website? After starting a WordPress blog or website, the first thing to do is to choose a beautiful WordPress theme for your blog or website.

But this is not an easy task, there are so many free and premium WordPress themes available in the market. In which the beginner gets confused which WordPress Theme is right for them. Also, should you choose a free WordPress theme for a blog or website or buy premium WordPress themes?

Premium Vs Free WordPress Themes

There are millions of free and paid themes available in the market for WordPress site and theme selection is a very difficult task for New Blogger. Also, it becomes more difficult that one should choose free WordPress themes or buy paid themes for a blog or website.

#01. SEO

Free WordPress Theme has many types of structural bugs and many errors. Free WordPress Theme is not fully SEO optimized and clean coded. In addition, it does not provide a faster loading speed to your site. WordPress Paid themes are fully SEO optimized and clean coded, which leads to fast loading of your site in search engines.

#02. Hidden Links

Free WordPress themes contain many hidden links. Which is not right for SEO. Due to hidden links, your traffic can be diverted elsewhere. Simply put, you will work hard and someone else will reap the benefits. There are no hidden links in the Premium WordPress theme. And you will take advantage of your blog traffic yourself.

#03. Coding

Free WordPress themes have a lot of Coding Error which affects your website loading speed. Website loading speed is an important ranking factor to get a higher rank in search engines. Even Google has said that a faster loading website gets top-ranking in search engines. While Coding is done correctly in Paid Theme. Which causes fast loading in your blog search engine and performs well. In addition, technical support is also available.

#04. Support and Updates

WordPress is constantly updating. Therefore your themes should be compatible with the latest version of WordPress. If you are using a paid theme, themes developers will be responsible for theme updates and compatible versions. However, you may have to wait months for updates to the free theme. All premium WordPress themes developers provide you with free support, whereas in free WordPress themes, you cannot expect any kind of support.

#05. Features

Free themes come with limited features. Most developers do not update their free themes and do not add new features. While premium WordPress themes update their theme from time to time and provide the latest feature to the users. To add a particular feature to most free themes, you have to use plugins, while premium themes come with inbuilt features.

Premium vs Free WordPress Themes

I can’t say that all free WordPress themes are not good but when your blog or website reaches a success momentum, you should select a premium WordPress theme for your blog, and we recommend you to the Generatepress theme Because it is the best and fast loading premium theme for WordPress.

If you want to use free WordPress themes on your blog, you can get good free themes from It is completely secure and free from hidden links. The most important thing is not to download the theme from any untrusted theme developer site. It contains encrypted links that are not good for SEO and such encrypted links are seen by search engines as spammy links. Also, your blog can be hacked.



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