2019 – How to Make Money on Instagram, ( Best Tips)

How To Make Money On Instagram: Hello friends, today I will tell you in this article how can you make money from Instagram? You must know the importance of social media in today’s time. And Instagram too has become very popular today. More than a million users use Instagram. And money can also be earned from Instagram. If you want to earn money from Instagram So read this post fully.

If you want to earn money from Instagram, first of all, you must have an account on Instagram. And after that, there should be a lot of active Followers on your Instagram account. Once you have an Instagram account and many followers in it, you will be ready to earn money from Instagram.

How To Make Money From Instagram

Before that, make your own identity and brand on Instagram and after that make a lot of followers. After that, you can earn money. Let me tell you that Instagram does not give us direct money. But we can earn money on Instagram in many ways. So, let’s know what those methods are, from which money can be earned on Instagram.

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Promote Service
  • Sell Photos
  • Sponsor Post
  • Sell Product

1. Affiliate Marketing

You can also earn money through affiliate marketing from your Instagram account. The way you used to do in Sponsor Post, you have to do this in the same way. Join any Affiliate Program of any company, then post its products in your Instagram account. You will get some percentage commission from the user who will buy the product from here.

2. Promote Business

If you have so many followers in your Instagram account, then you can promote your other platform here too. Such as Website, Blog, YouTube Channel, Company, Store Etc. You can promote also your business here. This will also increase your business and you will earn more money.

3. Sell Photos

You must have heard about making money by selling photos. There are many websites that earn money by selling photos. So you can sell them by posting photos in their Instagram account as well. But the photos should be unique and themselves. You can also sell your photos to brands and companies. In return, you can get good money.

4. Sponsor Post

If you have a lot of followers in your Instagram account then you can earn money through Sponsor Post. This method is very good and very easy. If you have a lot of followers, then the big brands themselves will contact you. To publish their posts to your account. You can publish their post as a Sponsor in your account. In return, those brands give you money. But it is very important to have Active Followers in your account.

5. Sell Product

If you have a lot of followers in your Instagram account, you can also sell your own products. Just think, because of being a lot of followers, when the brand can promote its product in your account, why can not you sell your own product directly? You can also earn good money by selling your own products on your Instagram account.

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