Keyboard Shortcuts While Using Internet

Keyboard Shortcuts While Using Internet
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Keyboard Shortcuts While Using Internet

Keyboard Shortcuts While Using Internet: Hello friends, today I’m going to tell you about Keyboard Shortcuts While Using the Internet. With whom you can make your work easier than ever. Almost everyone knows to run a computer, but if you have knowledge of computer keyboard shortcuts, then you can make your online work easier.

These keyboard shortcuts can be useful especially for the online working user. If you work online, you must know about it, because this will speed up your typing speed and you will be able to do your work in less time.

Keyboard Shortcuts While Using Internet

All web browsers share a large number of keyboard shortcuts Whether you’re using Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari or Google Chrome, the keyboard shortcuts described here will work in your browser.

If you understand all of these keyboard key buttons shortcuts properly, then I can say with conviction that you can do your 2 hours work in 1 hour.

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1. Alt + Home: Use to load the homepage.

2. Alt + Enter: Using this key, you can open the link typed in the address bar in the second address bar.

3. Alt + Space: Use to open the main menu.

4. Alt + 4: Use this if you want to close the browser.

5. Alt + Right Arrow, Sift + Backspace: Press to forward online video.

6. Ctrl + U: With this key, you can open-source code of web pages.

7. Ctrl + L or Alt + D: to focus on the address bar so that you can type on it.

8. Ctrl + F: To open a box to search in a web page.

9. Ctrl + Shift + Delete: Press to open the browser history delete window.

10. Ctrl + P: With this key, you can print out the open web page.

11. Ctrl + D: Can bookmark the open website in the browser.

12. Ctrl + Enter: www. in front of any words typed in the address bar and press this key to put behind .com automatic.

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13. Ctrl + Minus: Use to zoom out the content of any web page.

14. Ctrl + Plus: Use to zoom in to the content of any web page.

15. Ctrl + H: You can use this key if you want to see your browsing history.

16. Ctrl + F3, F: You can use this key to search on any web page.

17. Ctrl + 9: From all the tabs open in the browser, press Ctrl + 9 key to go to the last tab.

Keyboard Shortcuts While Using Internet

18. Ctrl + Tab: To go to the next tab from the tab you are currently on.

19. Ctrl + S: With this shortcut key you can save the open page on the computer, and laptop.

20. Ctrl + J: You can open your download history.

21. Ctrl + N: You can use to open new browser windows.

22. Ctrl + Shift + Left Click: To open any link in another tab.

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23. Ctrl + Shift + T: Use to re-open the last tab that was accidentally closed.

24. Ctrl + O: Use Ctrl + O key to open any file saved on the computer.

25. Ctrl + 0: To set the page to default zoom.

26. F1: You can open the help box.

27. F5: Use to reload any page.

28. F11: Use to go to full-screen mode.

29. Esc: To stop.

30. Space Bar or Page Up: To scroll web pages.

31. Home: Go to the homepage of the web page.

32. With Windows key + D, you can hide and show all open tabs in the browser.

33. Ctrl + W or Ctrl + F4: If you want to close all the tabs, press Ctrl + W or Ctrl + F4 key.

34. End: Press the end key to move to the bottom of the web page.

35. Shift + Left Click: If you want to open a link in another browser window, click the left mouse button with the Shift key on that link.

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To do any kind of work on the computer, you should know about the keyboard key. Also typing information is also needed And you will be able to fast typing only when you will know computer keyboard shortcuts. If you understand the keyboard key you can do your work in less time than before. This will save your time and your keyboard experience will increase and your typing speed will be faster than ever before.


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