How To Improve Your Google Rankings – 10 Best Tips

How To Improve Your Google Rankings: Friends, today we will talk about how to rank your blog or website. Nowadays, almost every blogger has the same problem as to how to rank his blog on Google? Let me tell you that there are so many ways to do this that, you can use to rank your blog or website in any search engine.

How To Improve Your Google Rankings

You must know that rank any blog or website in a search engine is not easy. But it is not so difficult too. If you adopt some SEO methods in your blog then your work becomes easier. But the problem is that what are the ways of SEO? Which Do You use in Your Blog? You will know that there is a solution to any problem in this world. You just have to find him and your work will be done. So now I am going to tell you about some of these ways. If you follow these approaches closely, then definitely you can rank your blog in a few days. If you use these methods well, then more than half of your problems can end.

1. Customization

Many bloggers create blogs but they forget to customize properly or can not do it. In this way, his blog keeps running in the default form. If you do not customize your blog and blog title well then your blog rank may be lower. Once you customize it, you will benefit greatly. After doing this, the search value of your blog will also increase and Organic Search will also increase.

2. Write High-Quality Content

It can also play a significant role in getting your blog ranked. If you write High-Quality Content in your blog, your blog will rank quickly. Because Google gives priority to those blogs whose blogs have written good quality articles. High-Quality Content is one that has complete information. That is, the reader did not need to search any more after reading your article. The information that a reader needs should be step by step cover in your article.

3. Add Custom Robots.txt

This is almost all of Blogger’s Common Mistake. Often people forget about setting this or do not know about it. This setting helps a lot in making a blog SEO Friendly.

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4. Enable custom Robots.txt

If any blog is to be ranked then this setting plays a very important role. Because when Googlebot (Web Crawling Robot) requires some instruction from Google search engine Under these instructions, you order him to crawl your blog and index your blog post. You can allow / Disallow Googlebot by setting a custom robot.txt. If you do this setting then you can stop some content from your blog from being a Google index that is not necessary.

5. Add Meta Tag

Writing Meta Tags or Meta Description in your Blog is very beneficial. This shows what topic your blog is on. And if you do not write a meta tag for your blog, Google will not know what topic your blog is on. In such a situation, Google gets confused with which search to show your blog. So, please write to Meta Tag for your blog and tell Google what topic your blog is and what content it contains.

6. Add Sitemap

You have to submit your blog’s Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools. Before doing so, you have to add and verify your blog on Google Webmaster Tools. By doing so, you tell Google about your blog and its content. Google has to Crawl your blog after the Sitemap has been submitted. Then all your blog posts start indexing in Google. Your post is only visible in the Google Search Result after indexing.

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7. Make Image SEO Friendly

The image is very important in any blog. If you write an article then you must add an image, because it does not only help in making your article informative but also helps to get your blog Google Ranking. So you have to make sure that the images you use are fully optimized. For this, you should compress the image as well as use ALT Tag in it. And your image should be fully edited by you. One thing and the image you used should be related to the article.

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8. Add Internal Post Link

Adding another Post Link to your blog in the article written in your blog is considered to be much better for SEO. Many people write a long and useful article but forget to add another link to it. You should not do this. You should add links to other articles related to your article in your post. If you can set it in the paragraph of Article instead of adding it to the article, it can be quite beneficial.

9. Make Blog Fast Loading

The loading time of any blog plays a big role in getting the Ranking to Blog. If your blog takes time to get open and loaded, your viewer will leave your blog page before opening your blog. Any Search Engine gives more preference to the same blog which has less loading time. That’s why you should optimize your blog for Fast Loading.

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10. Use Premium Theme

If your blog’s theme is not good then your blog’s ranking might be lower. When someone starts a new blog, he has a budget problem. In this case, he uses free themes, which is not good for blogs, especially when you are serious about blogging. Because some code is inserted in the free theme, due to which your blog takes more time to load. The result is that neither Google likes this type of blog nor viewer.

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