How To Write SEO-Friendly Content in 2020 | Powerful Tips

Friends, I am going to tell you today in this post how to write SEO Friendly Posts on the blog. How to make blogs SEO Responsive and how to make posts SEO Friendly Regarding all these, I will give you the best special tips in this post. Apart from this, you will find more posts related to SEO in our blog so you can read all SEO posts by visiting our SEO category.

When you write a post on your blog, it is most important to do SEO of that post. So that your post could top rank in the search engine. And you get more traffic And this increases your earning. If you want to optimize the SEO of all your new blog posts – this post will be very helpful for you.

How To Write SEO-Friendly Content in 2020 | Powerful Tips

1. Post Title

To write an SEO Friendly Post, the title of the post is a very important role. If you learn how to SEO in the post title So you make 40% of your blog SEO. To make the post title as SEO, there should be at least 2 to 3 keywords in the title. But write a keyword only once. And definitely, use some special and attractive words in the title. Like -: Top, Popular, Top 10, Most, Best, Latest, Etc. Using such words gets more traffic and gets 20% more clicks.

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2. Post Image

The blog post has the option to upload the image. And almost all bloggers also upload images in their blog posts. But after uploading the image is essential to SEO. First of all, the image must not be copyrighted. The image you are uploading should be your own design. Before uploading the image, resize or compress and rename the image. After uploading the image, definitely add “alt tag” to the image.

3. Post Description

When you search for a post in the search engine, then a link to the post below the post title and two line text is written. This is called post description. This is very important for SEO. For the post to be a good rank, type in the Meta Tag description in all your posts. The description can write up to 150 words. Write about the post with good keywords.

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4. Internal Link

Adding a link to another blog post in one post is called internal linking. It makes it possible for transmitting visitors from one post to another. This means that when a visitor comes to your post, and there will be a link to your blog’s second post in the same post, the visitor can also go to your other post. This increases traffic to the blog. And the post easily ranks. So always add another post link to all your posts.

5. Post Keywords

It is very important to use keywords to rank posts in search engines. What are the most searched words in the search engine? The words that are most searched are called keywords. You can search good keywords with the help of Google Keyword Planner or any tool. When you write a post, use keywords in 1st and last paragraph. And do not use the same keywords very often. Just write the post by paying attention to all of these.

6. Post Sharing

All bloggers share it after writing. It is very important to share the post. This is traffic to the blog. After writing the post, share it in social media. Like -: facebook, twitter, google +, etc. This will give your post an immediate response. The post is called off-page SEO for sharing on social media. This increases the traffic of your blog. So, after publishing the post, definitely share in social media.

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