How to Withdraw Money from ATM Machine – Full Guidelines

How to Withdraw Money from ATM Machine – Full Guidelines: How money is withdrawn from ATM using ATM card and password. To withdraw money, you have to put your ATM card in an ATM machine, after which you can withdraw money by filling the password. Here I am going to explain to you the whole process of using ATM.

What is  ATM

ATM is an electronic machine working from computer programming that allows us to withdraw money. The ATM was invented by John Shepherd Baron. Using ATM is absolutely safe and secure. Full form of ATM ( Automated Teller Machine ).

How to Withdraw Money from ATM

An ATM Card is required to withdraw money from the ATM. You will need to contact the bank to create your ATM card. The bank will give you an ATM card and an ATM password with it. Do not tell this password to anyone.

Never write this password anywhere, if someone knows your ATM password and also he has your ATM card, then he can withdraw your money.

How to Withdraw Money from ATM Step by Step

  • In the machine, there is a slot for inserting the ATM card, put your ATM card in it.
  • After this you have to select Language – English or Hindi, you can select any one.
  • Enter your 4 digit PIN code or password
  • Now you will see a lot of options on the screen of the ATM, click on the withdrawal or Cash Withdrawal option.
  • Now you fill your amount how much you want to withdraw.
  • After this, you press the confirm button
  • Now ATM will ask you about the receipt of money. If you want to get the receipt then press the Yes button or else No.
  • Now the ATM machine will withdraw your money. Collect your money from the ATM machine and keep it in a safe place.

After the completion of your transaction, do not forget to press Cancel’s Red or Yellow button in the ATM machine so that your password is not saved in the ATM machine.

This way you can easily withdraw money from an ATM. Processing at all ATMs is the same, but some ATMs can be slightly different like if the option of language comes first in some ATMs Or the first password option comes in an ATM but all steps are to be used in the same way.

How To Secure Your ATM Card

  • Never forget the ATM password and do not tell anyone
  • Do not write the ATM password anywhere
  • After withdrawing money from the ATM, press the cancel button
  • Keep your ATM card in a safe place
  • If ATM is lost, go to the bank and block the card immediately
  • Do not give ATM to any unknown person for money withdrawal
  • When filling a password in ATM, keep in mind that no one is watching you
  • Do not enter an incorrect password in ATM machine more often, it can block your ATM card.

By following these tips you can always keep your ATM safe and can benefit from the convenience of ATM.

Benefits of ATM

The ATM also has some special advantages such as:-

  • Saves time
  • Staying anywhere, you can withdraw money from your account
  • No need to fill the form for withdrawing money
  • You do not need to keep money in the pocket while going out of the house, just keep the ATM card in pocket and go anywhere and take out the money.
  • Online shopping can do
  • ATM is open 24 hours while the bank is closed on Saturday-Sunday but ATM Monday to Sunday remains open.

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