How To Submit Your Website/Blog on UC News – Step By Step

How To Submit Your Website/Blog on UC News - Step By Step
How To Submit Your Website/Blog on UC News - Step By Step

How To Submit Website/Blog on UC News – Step By Step: Friends, you know about UC Browser. UC Browser is one of the top 5 mobile browsers in the world. You must also have used the UC Browser and also read the news in UC News. Let us know, more than 10 million UC Browser users are in today’s time. So if your site also shows in UC News then think about how much traffic you can get from there. If you also want to show all the posts of your blog in UC News, then read this post carefully.

Almost every blogger wants to submit his blog/site to UC News in the UC Browser. Actually, the UC Browser has more than one million users worldwide. In this case, if all the posts on your blog appear in UC News, then you can get a lot of traffic from this.

In today’s post, I am going to tell you in full detail how can you submit your blog post to UC News? You can submit your blog post in UC news in 5 minutes and show your post in the UC Browser as well. The process is very simple. But before that, I tell you about some of its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  1. There will be no bad effect on the AdSense Account.
  2. UC News has Million + User. This will give you millions of views.
  3. UC news also shows Ads of your posts.
  4. Traffic will grow very fast.


  1. The privacy of UC News is very high, so there will not be any bad effect on your blog.
  2. There is no harm in submitting a blog post in UC News.
  3. Submit Website / Blog to UC News.

Submit Website/Blog on UC News

  • First of all, you go to
  • Then click “Sign Up”.
  • Now a “Form” will open that you have to fill.
  • Enter your “Email ID”.
  • Now enter the “Password” in the second box.
  • Re-enter the “Password”.
  • Now put this in the “Invitation Code” –
  • Verify “Captcha”.
  • Tick the “I have read and accepted Terms & Conditions”.
  • And click on “Continue Now”.
  • Verify your “Email” now.
  • Click on “Check Email”.
  • Now your mail will open in a new tab. There will be a “Verification Link”.
  • Verify your Email ID by clicking on that “Link”.


  • After Verifying the Mail, on the page that is open, you have to choose the “Account Type”.
  • Personal – If you have a personal blog, or you just write content in your blog, or you are a professional blogger. So you will select “Personal”.
  • Agency – If your blog is managed by Group or Organization, or Writes Multiple Author Content in your Blog. So you will select the “Agency”.
  • Then click on “Continue”.
  • Now the “Account Information” page will be open, in which you have to fill the full details exactly.
  • First of all, “Photo Upload”.
  • Enter the name of your blog in “Your Account Name”.
  • Which topic is on your blog, select “Categories”.
  • Select “Language”, then enter your name in “Account Operator Name”.
  • Select “PAN Card” in “Personal ID”.
  • Then put the “PAN Card Number”. And Upload a Scan copy of your “PAN Card”.
  • Enter the Mobile number. Then enter the “URL” of your blog.
  • After that, Insert all your social media links.
  • Tick the “I have read and accepted UC News ……” now.
  • Then click on “Continue”.

After the process is completed, the page for “Account Status” will be open. Which will be written as: – Your Account is Under Review. We will inform you when your application is processed in 10 working days. That is, your account will now be reviewed by UC News. Which can take from 48 hours to 10 days?

Your blog or website has now been submitted to UC News. After completion of the review, all the posts on your blog will start publishing in Automatic UC News. If you wish, you can also manually publish the post/article. After the completion of the review, you will need to write your blog’s description in 150 words. When your post is shown in UC News, a link to your blog will also be shown below the post. Which means users can visit your blog.




So, friends, we talked to you about this article, about the How To Submit Your Website/Blog on UC News – Step By Step. We hope you have liked this article. If you liked this article then please like it and share it. If you have any questions or suggestions in your mind that you want to give us, then you can tell us below and you can subscribe to our Newsletter for this type of latest article.

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