How To Root Android Mobile Free?

Friends, do you want to root the android phone without using a computer? If yes, then you are in the right place. Today we have brought out how to root an android phone without computers Today there are many such android applications in the market, whose help can root any phone immediately. The root of the computer is Possible but for that, you should be aware of Computer Software and many people do not come to the computer, I will tell you to root android mobile without using the computer and I will also tell you how to root it.

What is Root?

Root – Unlocking, as you know, to change the operating system of Android Mobile, you have to root your phone. By getting root, you get full authority to make changes with your system. You can not make any changes to the phone without root. Root means to make the full customization of your mobile. Such as Software Installations, etc. After doing the root, we can open a lot of features. By Overall Root, you can customize everything on your mobile itself. So you know now that what is the root cause? Let’s go ahead and go further about this.

Root can also increase the performance of your Android Smartphone. Here I will tell you about an app with whose help you can increase your RAM too.

Apps make a swap file in your SD card that makes your performance even better. In today’s topic, you will learn how to “root android phone”?After that, you can increase your mobile’s

battery backup, RAM.

Is There Warranty On Rooted Android Mobile or Not?

Talk to friends Warranty, if your phone is a computer or if you have a computer without root then your mobile warranty ends. But if you want to get back the warranty, you can withdraw the warranty by unrooting your mobile.

I will suggest you that when you do your mobile routing then do it without a computer. How do I tell you in this post?

The advantage of Mobile Rooting

You must be wondering what is the use of phone routing? So let me tell you that there are lots of benefits to mobile root. After you root the mobile you can open many functions of your mobile. You can also change the version of Android. Advantages of Mobile Root?

You can perform Performance Speed of your Android Phone.

The full speed of mobile is dependent on your RAM and you can create an alternative RAM for yourself.

You can increase your Mobile’s Battery Backup. By using Root you can close your Background Application immediately so that your Battery Life remains Safe.

If you have to update the Android OS version on your phone then you can put custom OS software by root your phone

There are lots of pre-installed apps in our mobile so that it is absolutely impossible to uninstall but it is not like you can delete or disable all the applications by root.

With Android Root, you can Solve Storage Problems on Your Mobile.

Sometimes it happens that our mobile games are completely hot by playing and after root, you can fix your heat problems.

Disadvantages of Android Rooting

As you know, if there is any benefit, then it is also damaged. Likewise, there are also the risks to rooting the Android phone. And let’s know what they are.

The first loss occurs after the root of your mobile key warranty.

Deleting Mobile’s Default Apps reduces your performance.

Rooting Mobile lets you delete all your files.

After Root, you will not be able to update your phone via the Automatic Updates company on your phone.

How To Root Android Mobile?

Rooting Android Mobile If you know, then you will know that by root you can open every feature of your phone. If your phone is rooted then you can do everything that you want to do on your phone, just as if you are running Lollipop version on mobile, after installing it, you will be able to install Versions like Naught on your phone easily.

Rooting is safe for you or not, what does it need to do to root Android mobile and how will it? We will talk about everything. Today we will learn how to root your android phone? What are the ways by which you can immediately root your smartphone?

There are many customers who are afraid to root their phone because they think that root will lose their phone or their warranty will end. I will clear all these points today. Whenever you root your mobile, your phone is not bad. Because your phone will be root only if your phone supports it. But whenever we root any such phone, it is unsupported, so we have to root it with the help of a computer. There is a lot of chances to make the phone worse. This is to mean that your phone does not get worse by rooting the supported one.

As I have told you that you can do your mobile root from the computer but it is difficult. Here I will tell you how do Android phones operate with apps? These apps are absolutely free and safe too. It’s officially designed to root the phone.  

Two Apps that you can root your mobile:


King-root is a very famous Root App. Which is very trusted that is used to root the mobile.

Step by Step King-Root How To Root Your Android Phone

1. First, you have to download King-root

2. Install

3. Open the King-Root App

4. The app will verify your phone after opening

After verifying, click on “Start Root” and root your phone.

2. Towelroot

This is a very popular and easy to use application that basically is designed to root devices. Let’s know how to root with the help of Towelroot.

1.      Download Towelroot App

2.      Install

3.      Open up

4.      Click on MAKE IT RAIN

Your phone will be rooted shortly after clicking.

Now you can do your own customization according to your choice. Please note that while using the mobile route, you have to be very careful and do not use the computer to root until you know its information.

Use Apps to Root the Phone as it is designed to make Mobile Root.


So today we learned how to “Do Android Phone Routes Without Computer” If you liked the post, please share this post with all your friends on social media too. Apart from this, you can get information about all new posts continuously by following TTN.

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