How To Make Yourself Famous on YouTube?

How To Make Yourself Famous on YouTube
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How To Make Yourself Famous on YouTube?: Hello Friends, In this post, I will try to give you the right way and full information about YouTube, so you will become famous on YouTube. If you want to be famous on YouTube then you have to change yourself and you’ll have to be a good youtube, which everyone is waiting for on YouTube as well as your behavior should be good with the subscriber.

How To Make Yourself Famous on YouTube?

You cannot be famous overnight, but it’s not even impossible. The first way to become famous on YouTube is to what are you saying to your audience in the last of your video. If you talk to them something good, then the audience may subscribe to your channel after listening to you. This is the first way to be famous on YouTube.

The channel which has more subscribers will be considered as the big channel, You would also like to be more subscribed to your channel and get more views. For this, your channel and video should be user-friendly which everyone likes.

Make YouTube Channel Art Attractive

To become a famous YouTuber, you must first do these two things because your profile and channel art attract the audience to you. From this, your channel is identified, so add an attractive channel art. You can create a good YouTube channel art on the Canva website, which can attract your viewers? You can be a bit famous on YouTube with these two things.

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This is not enough to make yourself famous on YouTube, so here I am telling you some such things and ways, that you can follow and become famous on YouTube.

Make Your Channel Profile Picture Attractive

To make YouTube channel popular, your channel’s profile photo plays the biggest role because this will remind people that this is your channel’s profile picture. This makes your channel an identity, So make it good and memorable. The logo of your channel should be so attractive that the viewer wants to subscribe to your channel by liking your profile photo.

Best Ways to Make Yourself Famous on YouTube

  • Create a good video channel.
  • Your content should be different and better from other YouTubers.
  • Upload 10 to 15 good videos before promoting your channel.
  • Do not be afraid to invest in creating attractive videos.
  • Upload a good video in a week.
  • Ignore bad comments and respond to all comments soon.
  • Never upload videos of someone else, upload your own videos.
  • Create quality videos that can teach someone something new and better.
  • Use the best video editor to edit the video.
  • Make small videos.
  • Instead of making yourself famous, focus more on creating great videos.
  • The title of the video should be attractive and in the description should be the history of your video.
  • Seeing your video the viewer felt that you are sitting in front of him and talking to him.
  • Share your videos on social sites with your friends.
  • If you want to make yourself famous on YouTube, do not ever shy away from coming in front of the camera.
  • Contact the successful YouTuber, watch the video on another channel and understand.
  • Go to YouTube meetings and tell people about yourself.
  • People should be happy with your video.
  • Use appropriate tags.
  • Your subscribers should know when you are going to upload videos.
  • Subscribe to another channel, and ask them to subscribe to your channel.
  • Add the brand of the channel above your video.
  • Your channel profile picture and channel art should be attractive.
  • There should not be a single boring video on your channel.
  • Add links to your social sites’ accounts on YouTube channel art.
  • Include links to your website or social account in your channel description.
  • In a video’s description, add a link of the second video.
  • Avoid copyrighting, otherwise, you will disappear from YouTube before being famous.

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I hope you will follow these methods to make yourself popular on YouTube. If you want to become popular on YouTube then you have to work courageously, and you have to get a star out of it.


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