How To Make Google Adsense Load Faster | 5 Useful Tips

How To Make Google Ads Load Faster: Friends, all of you would know that Google Adsense ads take time to load in the blog. Ads are loaded in the last after the entire blog is opened. Indeed, by using Ad Unit in every AdSense user’s blog, JavaScript loads with every advertisement. For this reason, the ad load speed is slowed down. This will slow your blog too, And your Adsense revenue will also decrease.

How To Make Google Ads Load Faster


If AdSense ads are fast loaded in your blog, your blog will also be fast loaded. And your Adsense earning will also increase. This will give you many benefits. Because everyone likes the fast loading site. Therefore traffic will also increase. So, let’s know how to make Fast Loading of Google AdSense Ads.


1. Use of Many Advertising Program

Many bloggers show more ads on their blogs in greed to earn more money. And some bloggers also join other advertising programs with Adsense. And their ads also show in their blogs. Doing this increases JavaScript loading. Along with the ads, the loading speed of the blog also slows down.

That’s why I would suggest that if you are an AdSense user. So you just use Adsense ads. Apart from this, do not go on any other platform. And if you use the only one ads program in your blog then it will be right. and Show as many ads as you need.

2. Do not Use Too Many Images

It is very important to have images in every post of the blog. But using too many images is very bad. Using more images, the loading speed of the blog becomes slow. And traffic can also be lower. So do not use more than enough images, and you must  Optimize the image before use.


3. Use Only Asynchronous Ads Units

When you create a new Ad Unit in Adsense. Then there you see 2 options – Synchronous and Asynchronous Some people will know which one of them is better to use. But let me tell them who do not know that you always put the Asynchronous Ad Code Unit in your blog.

Because the synchronous ads are loaded one by one. While Asynchronous ads are all loaded at the same time. That’s why I would suggest that you use asynchronous ads.


4. Use One JavaScript For All Ad Units

There is a JavaScript load with every ad in AdSense. Because of which your blog’s loading speed also decreases. So if you want you can use the same javascript for every ad. Doing this will increase your blog’s loading speed along with ads.

To use the same javascript for each ad, go to Blogger >> Theme >> Edit HTML. Now copy the javascript from the ad code, and paste it inside the <head> section. Now delete the JS from the code wherever you apply the ad. Because a JS has already been added to the <head> section. But AdSense does not allow this. So you do this on your own risk.


5. Optimize Your Site Theme / Template

Optimizing a blog theme/template is also very important. Use simple and responsive templates in your blog. If you use Adsense, then select the template that should be loaded in 2 sec. Do not use any image in the template’s background,  And do not place too many ads in your blog.



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