How to Increase YouTube Views Top 5 Killer Tips

Hello friends, Today is YouTube Most Popular Income source and by using this platform, YouTubers earn millions of dollars every month from Google Adsense, Paid promotion, Sponsorship. But a Factor plays the most important role in making money from YouTube. That is “Views” and we are here to talk about How to Increase YouTube Views Top 5 Killer Tips. So if you are searching that “How to Increase YouTube Views” then you are at the right place.

YouTuber Videos Views directly impacts YouTubechannel earning and subscriber, if daily good views are coming to a channel. Then both the Income and Subscriber of that channel will increase and its popularity on YouTube will also increase.

How to Increase YouTube Views

Here are all the videos we’ll talk about at the time of YouTube Optimization Tips, for all these long-time Youtubers, in such a case if you use this tip for a short-term process. You might not get an Efficient result.

1. Search & Videos Analysis On YouTube

Most of the Youtubers associated with the YouTube community have a common problem, to make a new video, Select Topic, which allows us to get as many views as possible. To find such a popular topic on which we get more views. For this, we have to use “Skyscraper Technique” and this is a Search Engine Optimization technique which is very famous in bloggers.

Use this technique to make us a YouTube video. We have to create a video on that topic which is already on YouTube and has got good views on them. We have to analyze those videos well, then on the same topic, we have to create a better video.

How to Create a YouTube Channel

2. Write Smart Description

Description has a very important role to play on video view and to bring you to 1st Position on Google Search Engine with Video Youtube. We get 5000 Characters to write YouTube Video Description Of which 157 Characters are selected by Search Engines for Search Snippet.

157 Search Snippet, according to the queries typed by the Search Engines user, selects. They do not have any fixed place that it will be from 157 Characters 1st Line or from the Last Line. In such While publishing Video, we should write a related description of the video topic and use more and more keywords in it.

3. Upload Videos Regularly with Playlist

You may have seen many YouTube channels that have millions of Subscribers, but they get 100 or 200 views on the name of YouTube Views. Why does this happen? The biggest reason for this is not to upload regular videos and not to do the proper arrangement of videos. If we do not create a video on regular basis, then our user engagement gets spoiled and after a while, it happens that users stop watching our channel.

If you want to increase YouTube Views and keep the channel’s popularity, then Upload Regular Video and Create a Playlist according to Video Topic.

4. Make Effective Thumbnail & Title

Two Factor of any YouTube Video attracts the most viewers and from these, they get the most Clicks on YouTube Videos.

  • Video Thumbnail
  • Video Title

Video Thumbnail should be clear and effective and with some Attractive Text, there should also be a glimpse of Main Video Subject, So that the viewer should know from the thumbnail that what topic is discussed in the video.

Video Title should be attractive and optimize that means always use a keyword in the title and should be written so that the user understands what topic is discussed in the video.

5. Use Card & End Screen

YouTube Dashboard offers some inbuilt features that can help us greatly increase YouTube Views. Card and End Screen is among the best features of this. We can increase the YouTube views if we use both of these features correctly. YouTube Community has some tips that can help us in using End Screen and Card correctly.

Use Card and End Screen in every single video.

Talk about the Video Card Button in a verbal call-to-action manner, such as “hit the ‘i’ button” or “check out this playlist”.

Use the End Screen and Card on the video which is getting more views.

When using End Screen Add to Video, use some of the Attractive graphics and text of Editing. So that the user can draw attention.


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