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How To Increase Adsense Earnings: Today I will tell you in this article about How to Earn More Money from Google Adsense in your blog or website. You will know that the best and most popular way to earn money from websites and blogs is Google Adsense. But many people do not earn much money even after good traffic. And some people make more money even after less traffic. What is the reason behind this? Today I will share some special tips with you in this post with the help of which you can easily earn more money from your blog or website.

Increase Google AdSense Earning

How to Earn More Money From Adsense? You have searched this topic on the Internet and you will also get many results. There are many ways that we can make more money from Adsense. If you follow them, then your earnings will increase by 30% to 50% compared to the previous. It is not necessary that those who have more traffic on their blog will be earning more. If you want to earn extra money from Adsense, then you have to optimize your blog Adsense.


Improve Your Blog’s Ad Viewability

Whenever you are checking the traffic and Adsense traffic of your blog, you will see differences in both. This is one of the major reasons for decreasing earning. If you have not noticed this, go to Google Adsense and check page views and impressions. After that go to google analytics and check the page views report. You will get a lot of difference in both traffic. The reason for this is not to be a proper placement of Adsense blog on your blog, the ads are not loading properly and your user has to use an ad blocker. For this, you have to work on disabling Ad Blocker and loading ads correctly.


Use AdSense Native Ads

Adsense provides us around 6 to 7 types of Ads. Out of all these Ads, we can use any Ad for our blog. But we should always place an Ad according to the likes of our visitors. AdSense provides the following types of ads: –

  • Text & Display Ads
  • Matched Content Ads
  • In-feed Ads
  • In-article Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Text Ads
  • Link Ads


If you are the owner of the blog, you will know very well what type of ads your visitors like. Which means you get the most clicks and CPC on which ads. If you do not know, then let me tell you that Option Experiment is available in Adsense. Which lets you know in which ad you are getting the most CPC and clicks.


Improve Your Blog’s Page Speed

If you want to earn more money from Google Adsense then your blog’s loading speed should be fast. If the page loading speed in your blog or website will be slow, Even if you have good traffic in your blog, your earning may be reduced by up to 50%. If you want to know how to increase the page loading speed of the blog, please read the following article.




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