How To Create Terms and Conditions Page For Website

How To Create Terms and Conditions Page For Website
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How To Create Terms and Conditions Page For Website: Any site that has any form of interaction with its users, whether eCommerce, blog, social media or professional, should include a Terms and Conditions page.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

The terms and conditions agreement is a page on a website that sets out the rights and responsibilities of someone using the site. This effectively creates a contract between the site and the user.

Terms and conditions often include an explanation or definition of the keywords used in the wording and underline the legal limits of the website owner’s responsibility for any loss or damage during the use of the site.

How To Create Terms and Conditions Page For Website

If you have good knowledge, then you can make a Terms and Conditions yourself. However, most bloggers do not know how to create ideal Terms and conditions for their website. In this situation, many Third-Party Terms and conditions will be found on the Internet, which will be generated for you free of cost. In this article, I am going to tell you about one such service provided by (Terms and Conditions Generator). By using which you can create a free Terms and Conditions page for your website.

First, go to the SerpRank Terms and Conditions Generator page.

1. Now the second page will open, on that page you have to click on the Members Area.

2. After that, you have to click on Member Tools.

3. Then you have to click on the Terms and Conditions Generator.

You can follow the step by looking at the image below.

create terms and conditions page
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4. Now you will see the option Login & Register under This Content is for Serp Rank Basic Members Only.

5. Now you have to click on Register.

You can see the image below.

terms and conditions generate login
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Membership Levels page will open as soon as you click on Register.

6. Here you have to click on Select Button in front of Serp Rank Basic Free.

7. After this, the Membership Checkout page will open.

8. Here, you have to fill your details UsernamePasswordConfirm Password, E-mail AddressConfirm E-Mail Address.

9. After filling all the details in the Terms and Conditions Generator Page.

Now the Terms and Conditions Generator page will open.

10. On this page, you have to fill the name of your Website.

11. After that, the E-Mail Address has to be entered.

12. Now you have to enter your Privacy Policy URL.

13. Now Select Month-Date-Year

14. After following all these steps, click on Create My Terms and Conditions.

terms and conditions page creater
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Congratulation, You have just created a Terms and Conditions for your Website/Blog/WordPress. Now copy this information into a text document.

How to Add a Generated Terms and Conditions to Your Website?

  • For Blogger Blog: Open your Blogger Dashboard> Pages.
  • For a WordPress blog: Go to your Dashboard> Pages> Add New.

Create a new Blank Page and paste the copied Terms and Conditions into the text body and title your page as “ Terms and Conditions”.

And Publish your “ Terms and Conditions” page.


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