How To Change Permalink in Blogger

How To Change Permalink in Blogger
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How To Change Permalink in Blogger: Hello friends, “Can you edit the URL of the blogger post?” This is the most question of Blogspot users, today we will talk about how to edit the post link and make the post more SEO Friendly. This is a great way to manually set the link to the blog post, by which we can change the post link to a short link. To know how to use custom permalink in the Blogspot blog, please read this post to the end.

What is Custom Permalink?

To make the post URL SEO Friendly in Blogspot, Google has given the option of custom permalink. While writing a post we can change the URL of the post. Google support short links more, and in this, we can shorten the post link as much as you want.

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Custom Permalink is Better for SEO?

When the custom link is short, visitors can easily remember that, and they do not have a problem typing. By which, the old visitors start coming back to your website. Remove extra keyword while editing the post link, just keep important words in the link. Use the keyword that is more famous on the internet but the words of the post link should match the title of the post. Using a different word from a post title reduces the ranking of Google.

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How To Set Custom Permalink In Blogspot Blog?

When you type a new post on the blog, there is a permalink option on the right side sidebar. Where you can edit post link, this is a very good feature in which you can change the long link to a short link and by selecting the better keyword, you can increase the ranking of the post in the search engine.

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How to Edit Custom Permalink?

Click the Permalink option and then click on the Custom Permalink button. There will be already keywords in the post title, you just have to edit them. For better SEO, remove the extra keywords from the link and set keywords related to post.

Use “-” between the keyboard in the Post URL.

Use only the words (a-z) in the URL. (Small letter)

Use only if necessary (0-1)

For good rankings in Google, you can edit post links by following the steps given above.

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