[Wishes] Happy Republic Day 2020 – 26 January 2020 Quotes, SMS, Greetings

[Wishes] Happy Republic Day 2020 Wishes – 26 January 2020 Quotes, SMS, Greetings: Republic Day was implemented on 26 January 1950, and is therefore celebrated on a single day each year. New Delhi is the capital of the country, it is celebrated with grandeur at Rajpath. This day is celebrated to honor the Constitution of India.

Happy Republic Day 2020 to you and your family. A parade begins at Rashtrapati Bhavan in Delhi, where the President is the Commander in Chief for the Defense Force of India. This day is celebrated by showcasing India’s rich cultural heritage.

[Wishes] Happy Republic Day 2020 – 26 January 2020 Quotes, SMS, Greetings

In this post, we have brought for you all the latest collection of Republic Day poetry, read and share it with friends too. If you also want to send Happy Republic Day Message with your friends, then do share it with your friends or relative from here.

Happy Republic Day Wishes 2020

Let’s bow our heads and fold our arms and
Respect the great freedom fighters
Who earned us the precious gift of independence.
Happy Republic Day!

Proud to be Indian, celebrate the festival of democracy,
defeat the enemies of the country, wave the tricolor at home.
This Hind Jai Bharat !!

The Gift of Christmas is a precious reminder that we are loved!
I am so lucky to have someone
I love so much at my side this festive season.

Let’s remember that scene again today,
Remember the flame that was in the hearts of the martyrs,
In which independence was reached on the shore,
Let’s remember that stream of patriots’ blood today.
Happy Republic Day.

Let us remember the golden heritage of
our country and feel proud to be a part of
India. Happy Republic Day!!

Republic Day SMS 2020

May all the sweet magic of Republic Day
conspire to gladden your heart and fill every desire.
Happy Republic Day !!

Come, wave the tricolor, come fly the tricolor,
it is your Republic Day, come,
dance, dance, celebrate.
Happy Republic Day to all of you !!

Democracy means nothing
if people are not able to work
the democracy for the common good.

Individually we are one drop but
together we are an ocean.
Happy Republic Day!

Republic Day Quotes

Thousands of people laid down their lives…
so that our country breath Today…
never forget their sacrifice…
Happy Republic day!

Give me blood, I will give you freedom – Subhas Chandra Bose

Let’s promise to preserve the heritage of our motherland forever. Happy Republic Day!

May India always hold a prestigious position on the map of the world.
Happy Republic Day!

Recalling and Rejoicing
In the Victory of Our Freedom Fighters
on This 70th Republic Day
Best Wishes to All
Happy Republic Day!!

Republic Day Whatsapp Status

May our country always prosper and flourish…
May we always choose what’s right for our nation!
Happy Republic Day!

Let us join hands to protect our nations
from all the social evils that are plaguing it.
Happy Republic Day!

Let us make a pledge to our motherland that
we will do everything that we can to rid it of all the evils.
Happy Republic Day!

Our heroes waged a valiant struggle so that
the future generations could their lives with dignity.
Happy Republic Day!

Freedom in Mind, Faith in our hearts,
Memories in our souls.
Let’s salute the Nation on Republic Day.

Gantantra Diwas Status In English 2020

I will cut my legs for my country
I will guard the border night and day for my country
This is my sacrifice for my country
Will give my life if needed.

Keep this thing in the air
It will be bright to keep the lights on
Which we protected by giving blood
Always keep such tricolor in your heart.

Everyone who is born in this great land has only
one identity – we are all Indians.
Happy Republic Day!

Let new India arise out of peasants’ cottage, grasping the plow, out of huts, cobbler, and sweeper.

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