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If you want to contribute to this blogging community through your article, then you are warmly welcomed to Technical Tips Nazir.

And if you want to come to our community, then read some of the instructions below and start writing guest posts in Technical Tips Nazir.

Our aim is to help you and reach the article to the new audience. Share your talents and give something new to our blog community.

How You can Become a Contributor to Technical Tips Nazir?

If you want your content to be published on Technical Tips Nazir, then your content must first satisfy the conditions below. That is, these are the terms of our Guest Posting: –

– Your content should be of good quality.

– The information given in the guest post should be absolutely new, that is, it should be written in your own words.

– You are making your own identity with the guest post, Therefore, pay attention to the quality.

– Your content must be at least 500 words long. If any article is less than this length then it will hardly be accepted.

– There should not be any grammatical mistake in your content.

– If you submit the blog post to Technical Tips Nazir, then there must be at least an image in it.

– You can not add any of your other personal URLs in the middle of the entire blog post unless it is part of the subject of your blog post.

– The final decision to publish your post will be to Technical Tips Nazir.

– No grant or allowance will be given in lieu of guest post-publication.

– If you have any question, please feel free to ask us through the email address below. If you are a blogger or a genuine reader and want to write something and want to share something in the Technical Tips Nazir community.

On These Topics, You Send us a Guest Post –

– MS Office (Word, Axel, PowerPoint) Photoshop, Coral-Draw, Internet, PageMaker, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 Tips and Tricks.

– Excellent knowledgeable information and interesting facts about the computer technology field.

– Blogging Tips,  Make Money Online, YouTube Tips.

– Tech News, Banking.

How to Send Guest Posts –

You can send us a guest post at

You can send the guest post just by typing in MS Word, Notepad via Email.

For any other type of information related to the guest post, you can let us know through a comment.

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