10 Best Google Adsense Placement Tips

Google Adsense Placement Tips: Hello friends, Today in this post, I’m going to tell you how to do the best placement of Google Adsense ads? First of all tell that after getting the AdSense Approval to Blogger, every small thing needs to be kept in mind. But many bloggers make mistakes here. Because of which their CPC decreases and with a small mistake your AdSense account may also be disabled.

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How can we do the best placement of AdSense ads in our blog? Which will increase the CPC of our AdSense? And we will be able to earn more revenue. Let me tell you that making Adsense ads placement is very easy. If you want to know how to make the best placement of AdSense ads, then you must read this post till the end.

Google Adsense Best Ads Placement

It is very important to make the best ads placement for Google AdSense. Because our Earning depends on it. AdSense’s Best Ads Placement means putting ads in your blog in the right place. Where most visitors click, this will give you many benefits. Visitors will not have any problems with ads and your blog’s traffic will also increase. And your AdSense earnings can also be double.

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Whenever you write a post, keep in mind the organic traffic and better income. If you work by keeping these two things in mind, you can achieve success in blogging soon. You have to focus primarily on your blog’s Organic Traffic. Doing this will increase your income and blog’s traffic. You can easily increase CPC by following the ads placement guide mentioned in this post.

Best Google Adsense Placement Tips

  1. In Header (729 X 90) Ads can be placed.

2. In Top of Content / Article.

3. You can put 729 X 90, In-Feed or link ads at the end of the article.

4. If you focus more on income then link ads must be placed between the articles.

5. After the 2nd paragraph of Content / Article, you can place In-Article Ads.

6. You can place Banner ads in the sidebar.

7. You can place banner ads of 300 x 250 and 300 x 600 size in the sidebar.

8. Use Google Search to search in the blog. This will increase your revenue.

9. You keep the Ad Unit Size Responsive as well. Because Google also recommends it.

10. Place at least 3 and a maximum of 5 ads on one page.

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These are great locations to place ads in blogs Google itself recommends applying ads in these places. Because visitors more interact on these places. If you put ads in these places then your earnings and traffic will definitely increase. In the end, I would like to say that do not put too many ads on the blog. This can cause trouble for your visitor.



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