Free Keyword Research and Analysis Tools

Free Keyword Research Tools: Hello friends, today we will talk to you about Free Keyword Research and Analysis Tools. Tools that help you rank your article on Google or any other search engine. If you do not know about such tools and you also want to rank your every article in Google, then you should continue reading this article today. because today we talk about only about Free Keyword Research and Analysis Tools. Are ones With which you can rank all your articles.

Our mind also goes on to how to search the keyword for our article. So the keyword will be the best for us, which is less complicated. It would be easy to rank that keyword with a fewer competition. Along with selecting the keyword, we also have to see how much its CPC is How much is its search volume. Because if we do not search for any keyword that we choose, then our website will not get traffic. So choose a keyword whose search volume is good.

Free Keyword Research and Analysis Tools

Many people have a question about what the Keyword Research Tool is and how we can rank our article. So keyword is the subject of our article, on which we write our article. For example, if you wrote Mobile on Google, then Google will start showing articles related to mobile. So mobile is a keyword.

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Any article that is similar to mobile will now be shown to Google. So this is the thing that happened to the keyword. Let’s talk now. Keyword research tool. So when you have to see how much the competition is on the subject and your article you are writing. It’s called the keyword research tool. By which we find that the topic on which we are writing our article will look at the number in Google.

Keyword Research Tools

If you have to bring your website and traffic then you have to write good content. With this, we have to write the user who searches. For this, I have come with 5 such keyword research tools to help you find out how many searches are being done on which keyword and how much CPC of that keyword is. So do not take too much time to talk about Free Keyword Research and Analysis Tools.

1. Google Keyword Planner Free

In this list, we first talk about Google’s own keyword research tool. Which is totally free. If you are new and you do not have a budget. So Google Adwords keyword research tool is one of the great options. Using it, you can bring good traffic to your blog or website. This product is Google’s own, so we can say that this and almost the exact information will be found.

It is also very easy to use. For this, you must have a Google account, which will log in to Google Adwords. And research your keywords. (Website)

2. Ubersuggest

In this list, we have placed second place and Ubersuggest. This is a very great tool. Which is designed by Neil Patel. With the help of this tool, you can easily research your keyword which will show how many searches are on this keyword and along with it will show similar keywords. After opening it, it will be given a search option, write your keyword in it and then search by selecting your language.

After searching, it will tell you the monthly search volume of this keyword as well, along with this SEO specification will also tell paid difficulty. Additionally, the CPC that you get on that keyword will also tell you. With this a little scroll, you can also see similar keywords from your keyword. So this is also a good free tool that you can use. (Website)

3. Keyword Tool

The third number in the list and we have given the keyword tool to the place. This is also a free tool. If you only have to do keyword research then this is a good tool. If you want to know about your keyword’s CPC and search volume then you need to take its premium plan. But if you just use it for the keyword then it is free.

The particular thing is that in this you have to search for any search engine. You can search your keyword by selecting it. So this is also a good tool that will help you research your keywords. (Website)

4. Keywords Everywhere

So on 4th number in this list, free SEO keyword analysis tool, we will talk about keywords everywhere, this is an extension that you can download and add to chrome. This extension is absolutely free. After putting it in chrome you have to put your email in it. Which you will get through a key mail. That key is to be inserted into your extension, after which this extension will be activated.

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Now if you search any keyword in Google, this extension will show you the CPC of that keyword and its search volume. In addition to this, many more keywords will show up with keywords. Whose CPC and search volume keyword shows everywhere extension. (Website)

5. Keyword Revealer

The fifth and last tool in the list of free SEO keyword analysis tool is keyword revealed. This tool is well paid, but you can use this tool for free. First, go to this tool and create an account on it. After which you will receive a Confirmation Mail. Open the mail and confirm it. Now search any of your keywords. Keep in mind that with the help of this tool, you can search only three keywords a day. To search more keywords than this, you will need to take a premium plan. For this, you can create 4 or 5 accounts and search for 15 – 20 keywords a day. (Website)



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