Top 5 Features of Whatsapp 2019

Friends In this article I am going to tell you about the Top 5 Features of Whatsapp. Many users still use Whatsapp for Chat, whereas in addition to Chat, there are many such features in WhatsApp which you need to know about.

Top 5 Features of Whatsapp

1. Create Whatsapp Group Invite Link

If you want to create an Invite Link to connect to a Whatsapp Group and more members from that group, then you have to do this –

– First Open Your Whatsapp Group.

– Now go to Settings option> Group info.

– Tap here on the Add member option. – Here you will see the option of invite group via the link and you can share this link in any group by tapping on it.

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2. Whatsapp Chat Shortcut

If you chat more with someone or group, you do not need to search it in WhatsApp. You can create his chat shortcut on your mobile screen, for that you have to select that group or person and then open the WhatsApp menu. Here you will see an add chat shortcut, tap on it, this will become the chat shortcut of that person or group on your mobile home screen.

3. WhatsApp Web Interface

In order to run the WhatsApp app on the computer, you had to resort to applications like Bluestacks, but now you can run the What’s Apps app directly on your web browser without any application.

– Open the Google Chrome browser.

– Type and enter, you will see a QR code here.

– Now Open the Whatsapp menu.

– You will see WhatsApp Web in the menu and click on it and scan the QR code appearing in the browser.

4. Whatsapp Starred Messages

The way you like a web page on the computer, you bookmark it, in the same way, WhatsApp has the ability to bookmark any message, it is called starred messages.

– To bookmark any message, select that message.

– When you select it, you will see the star icon above to tap it.

– With this message will be bookmarked.

– Now visit the WhatsApp home page to see bookmark or starred messages again.

– Tap on the menu here you will see starred messages.

– Tap on this here you will see all starred messages.

5. Search Messages on WhatsApp

If you want to search for an old message on a group or your personal chat, then there is no need to scroll. You can use WhatsApp Search.

– Open the WhatsApp app.

– At the top, you will see a magnifying glass icon, tap on it.

– Here the search bar will come, type any word of the message you want to search here and enter. At the top of the result, you will see your Whats App Contact and you will also see the messages below, in which your searchable keyword will be highlighted.


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