Benefits of Custom Domain Name in BlogSpot Blog

Benefits of Custom Domain Name in BlogSpot Blog: Friends, Today I am going to tell you in this article What is the Benefit of Custom Domain Name? Most bloggers use the platform to start their own blog. It is inevitable for you to question why we should do custom domain and what benefits are there for your blog.

Benefits of Custom Domain Name

The main reason for using Blogspot or Blogger is because it is free and you do not need much technical knowledge for it. Like WordPress, you do not need to worry about hosting, nor bandwidth, but the free domain you get in it comes with them in the .blogspot subdomain so you can buy and replace the custom domain.

What is a Custom Domain?

In Blogspot, you get a domain like this,

This kind of domain name makes your blog unprofessional and users do not trust these sites too much.

Instead, you can buy a top-level domain and add it to your blogs such as or or etc

This is called a custom domain name.

If you are still using the .blogspot subdomain then you should definitely read this post because here I am going to tell about the need for a custom domain.

Looks Professional

As I have said before, Blogspot free domain users feel unprofessional and people do not trust it. Due to being free, such blogs can be closed at any time and information given in it may also be spam.

Your blog seems to be genuine with the custom domain and people also trust the information given in it. This way your blog looks like a self-hosted WordPress blog


It is easy to remember the custom domain and tell it to anyone, than any subdomain. A subdomain is a bit longer and complicated too, due to which it is difficult to remember and search.


You can create a brand of your blog from the custom domain. Good logo for your blog, favicon can develop a different identity and authority. Nobody likes to search any blog with a subdomain.


Custom domain is best for Search Engine Optimization. Google, Bing, Yahoo custom domain like Search Engine gives more priority and helps it rank quickly. This makes your blog SEO friendly so that the rank is good.

Social Media

We use social media to promote our blog and get traffic. Most people do not like a Blogspot subdomain and ignore such a link, Because of that, your blog gets less traffic from social media.

That’s why you use a custom domain in your blog so that people will also like and trust your site.


The Adsense account is more likely to be approved from the Custom domain and the Adsense account you get from this will be a non-hosted account; this same Adsense account allows you to get your second blog website approved.


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