How To Create SEO Friendly Images For Blog Posts

How To Create SEO Friendly Images For Blog Posts
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How To Create SEO Friendly Images For Blog Posts: Hello friends Today, we will talk in this post how to make blog post images SEO friendly? When the search engine indexes your website’s post, then it does not focus on post writing. The search engine first focuses on your website’s backlinks tags and images, almost all the search engines follow it.

Photo / Image is very important in the website and blog which helps visitors to explain and make the website look better. We all use images on our website, but the question is whether the image blog that we use is SEO friendly or not?

Every blogger knows how important the traffic is for the blog, but if you find out that the photo you use in the blog, the search engine is not indexing it, You can think of how you would feel.

Visitors like to visit your website by looking at the image because Visitors are very easy to understand from the image. Therefore, the search engine follows the post image before the post. Now In this post, we will learn about making the image SEO friendly.

How To Create SEO Friendly Images For Blog Posts

Visitors like the image, but due to higher image loading time, there is an impact on the loading speed of the website which visitors do not like at all, Therefore, use the image in the post only when needed.

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After uploading the image in post, to make the image SEO friendly, you have to do some important editing which is going to tell you from the details. If you have any problem then you can ask in the comment below.

Rename Image

The first thing to do before posting the image in the post is to change the name of the image, but you can change it later, but if you change it first then it’s great. This is most important for SEO, the search engine takes a long time to understand the image without the name. Which does not show your posts quickly in the search engine?

Alt Tags & File Names

After uploading the image it is very necessary to optimize the image, There are many bloggers who do not know about it, they ignore it. The image without optimizing is exactly like a man without a name. As if you have added a photo in a post but alt tag and name is not included in it, then both search engines and visitors will have trouble identifying it?

  • Write a name in the title text so that when a visitor reads this post, the name will be shown when you bring the mouse to the image.
  • Write about you in the alt text, because as a result of focusing on the search engine image, it will know who it is?

Add Caption

If you want to tell visitors about the image then you can add the caption.

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File Size

The size of the image should be according to the post. Use the image according to which size of the image you need in post. Well, the image size does not make any difference to SEO, but keep in mind that post size should not be so big, that the image can take a lot of time to load.

Image Format

Images format does not have any effect on SEO, but some formats are such that the size of the image is very high, so the image takes more time to be loaded. Therefore, select a format in which the size of the image is minimized. In my case, I use a jpg file support image.

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I will not tell you that use the jpg file. You can check the other formats of the image once and use the format where the image quality is not bad and the size is also low.

You can use a photo in a post that actually helps visitors. Google, bing, yahoo and any other search engines do not support any image without need and without reason and if you do this continuously, then the search engine will stop indexing your post.

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So, friends, we talked to you about this post, about How To Create SEO Friendly Images For Blog Posts. We hope you have liked this post. If you have any questions or suggestions in your mind that you want to give us, then you can tell us below in the comment section.

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