Top 20+ Best SEO Tools for Beginners

Top 20+ Best SEO Tools for Beginners
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Top 20+ Best SEO Tools for Beginners: Hello friends, today we will learn about Top 20+ Best SEO Tools in this post. If you are a blogger, YouTuber or you have a website, and if you want to earn good money from blogs and YouTube, then it is very important that you have at least the basic knowledge of SEO. If you are new to this field then What is SEO? I have already written the post on this. You can read that post. Apart from this, you can see all the SEO articles by visiting our SEO category.

Top 20+ Best SEO Tools for Beginners

We will be able to earn money from our blog, YouTube channel or website only when people visit our blog or website. Unless we have organic traffic in our blog, we can not make money. And the only way to get organic traffic is by search engine optimization. If you do SEO well on your blog, So your blog will start getting organic traffic.

If we do a website or blog well SEO, So we can increase a lot of organic traffic. While SEO, we need to be aware of SEO as well as information about SEO Tool. If we use the right tools, we can save a lot of time.

1. Google Search Console (Free)

Google search console is also a Google tool that is completely free. It is Google’s webmaster tool that lets you submit your blog to Google search engine. If you do not submit your blog to Google Search Console, then Google will not rank your blog’s any posts. Therefore, please submit your site to Google Search Console, and create a sitemap. How to Submit a Blog to Google Search Console

Google Search Console helps you rank your blog and blog articles on the Google search engine. you can submit your blog’s Sitemap here. And SEO related errors in the blog also tells us this tool. To rank on the Google search engine, it is important to submit a blog to Google Search Console, similarly to other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, etc. To rank on, it is important to submit your blog to their webmaster tools.

2. Google Keyword Planner (Free)

Google Keyword Planner is Google’s Free SEO Tool. Which is absolutely free. Google Keyword Planner is a very good and best tool to search for keywords. From here you can search any keyword on any topic. Short Keywords and long-tail keywords also you can easily search from here. Free Long Tail Keywords Generator Tool

To use Google Keyword Planner, you first have to sign up for Google AdWords. From here you can check the competition and CPC of any keyword. This tool is very useful for all bloggers. If you are a new blogger right now, then you can use Google Keyword Planner as it is completely free.

3. Google PageSpeed Insights (Free)

Google PageSpeed ​​Insights is also a very popular and useful tool. This is also Google’s tool that is completely free. We use this tool to check the loading speed of our blog. Or we can also say that this tool is also used as a ranking factor. If your blog is taking a lot of time to load, Google will not rank any posts of your blog. How to increase the blog loading speed for this. You can read this article. How to Increase Blog’s Loading Speed – 8 Useful Tips 2019

If your blog’s loading speed is slow, then the search engine will ignore your blog, even visitors do not like to go on slow-loading sites. In this way, you can increase the loading speed of your blog using Google PageSpeed ​​Insights. This tool gives suggestions for improving the speed of your side.

4. Keywords Everywhere (Free)

Keywords Everywhere is a very good and best Keyword Finder Tool. And this is a completely free tool. The keyword Everywhere is a free add-on extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. It shows every keyword’s CPC, Competition, Search Result Volume, etc.

To use this tool, add and install its extension in your Chrome browser or Firefox. After that enter your email, which will give you a key, after the key verification you will be able to use this tool easily.

5. Yoast SEO Plugin (Free / Paid)

Yoast SEO Plugin is a very popular and best SEO plugin for WordPress Blog. With this plugin, you can make SEO of your WordPress blog better. With this tool, you can improve the On-page SEO of your blog posts. Many more factors like title, meta description, keyword density, article word limit or length, attribution tag, etc. can be easily improved with the help of this tool. How To Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tools?

Suggestions for blog post titles and meta descriptions.

Suggests better keywords for blog posts.

Yoast SEO suggests making you a Sitemap.

Indicates for internal linking. (Premium)

Special offers, Video tutorials, SEO Tips, And WooCommerce SEO Extension. (Premium)

Synonyms And Related KeyPhrases. (Premium)

6. UberSuggest (Free)

UberSuggest is a Free Keyword Finder Tool. With this tool, you can also search the keyword, by the country target. With the help of UberSuggest, you can specify any keyword, such as CPC, Search Volume, Trends, Competition, Etc, along with the Domain Authority, Top Ranked Pages, Traffic Overview, Backlink Data, Etc. UberSuggest is the best tool in the Free SEO Tool.

7. Google Analytics (Free)

Google Analytics is also Google’s tool and it is a very important and popular SEO tool, which is absolutely free. Google’s security is of top class. In such a way, using Google’s tools can benefit us a lot. Google Analytics is also a very important tool for our site, with the help of which we can analyze the traffic coming to our blog.

Google Analytics is a website traffic analyzer tool. With this tool, you can easily get all the traffic data on your blog. Like – What time does your site traffic get the most, what keywords are getting more traffic and more traffic coming from which country, Device and Platform. What is your site’s bounce rate, what is your site’s real-time traffic, etc? In this way, this tool is very important to us too.

8. Keyword (Free)

Keyword Tool is a very good Keyword Finder tool, which is totally free. There is also a premium version, but the free version is so advanced that you will not have to think about the premium version. With this tool, you can search for keywords for any platform like Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, Twitter, Instagram, Etc. In this, you can also see the keyword’s CPC, Competition, and Search Volume, Etc.

9. WebCeo – Agency SEO Tools (Paid)

WebCeo is a complete SEO tool for any site. Where you can do a complete SEO analysis of any site. You can see the site’s Ranking Keywords, Backlinks, Top Pages, Domain Authority, etc and more with this tool. To use this tool you only have to get a paid version of it. In which you get many advanced features. It can also prove to be very helpful in ranking your site in all the search engines. What is Off-Page SEO Optimization?

10. KWFinder (Free / Paid)

KWFinder is a very good tool to find keywords. From here you can search for any topic or niche keyword. If you search long-tail keyword on this tool, you will get good results. Also, with this tool, you can know the CPC, Competition, etc. of any keyword. In addition, you can also check backlinks, SERP, Site Analysis, Etc of any site from KWFinder. To use this you must first sign up. After that, you can use this tool like free and premium whatsoever.

11. SEO Monitor (Paid)

SEO Monitor is a very good tool for analyzing any website’s Search Engine Optimization. With this tool, you can improve SEO performance by analyzing the data of your website or blog. With SEO monitor you can see any site’s backlinks, keyword research, ranking overview, traffic analysis, etc. It is a paid tool, So if you earn well from the blog, then you can use this tool. 15+ Best Free SEO Tools for Every Blogger

12. VidIQ (Free / Paid)

VidIQ is a very popular and best video SEO tool for improving SEO of YouTube Channel. This is also available in both free and paid versions. But you can use it for free too. But you can use it for free too. There are many advanced features in its free version. This tool gives the best keyword suggestions for title, description, and tags for your videos. Most YouTubers use this tool for the SEO of their channels and videos. If you are also a YouTuber, then this tool is also the best option for you.

13. TubeBuddy (Free / Paid)

TubeBuddy is a very good SEO tool for YouTube Channel. With this tool, you can make videos of your YouTube channel SEO friendly. It is available in both free and paid versions. But I would recommend you, you use its free version. There are many advanced features in its free version. TubeBuddy suggests title, descriptions, tags for your videos, and You can also share your videos on any platform. You can generate thumbnail in it, write captions, make search ranking better. How To Make Money On YouTube: 5 Useful Steps

14. Moz (Free / Paid)

Moz Link Explorer is a very good and best SEO tool. You can use both free and premium versions of it. With this tool, you can analyze any site linking domain, ranking keywords, domain authority, backlinks, top pages, organic keywords, organic traffic, etc and much more. You can use this tool absolutely free with some limited features. Besides, to use the advanced features of this tool, you have to get its premium version.

15. Ahrefs Backlink Checker (Free)

Ahrefs is a Premium Tool. It is a very popular SEO tool, You must also hear about that before. The Backlink Checker of this tool is absolutely free. Most popular and successful bloggers use this SEO tool only. So with this tool, you can check the backlink of your site. You can see where your competitor is getting a backlink from where. Also, you can check the Authority Level of your site. Best Online Backlink Checker Tool

16. SEMrush (Free / Paid)

SEMrush is also very popular with premium SEO tools like Ahrefs. But its free version is also available. You can also use this tool for free. And if you want you can also buy its premium version. If you are a new blogger, then I would recommend that you use its free version.

In this, you can see any site’s backlinks, traffic, ranking keywords, organic keywords, bounce rate, site rank, etc. You can see the first 10 results in its free version. You will have to take a premium version to see the results after that.

17. Broken Link Checker (Free)

We should always check the Broken Link of our site from time to time. When there is no page open inside our site or 404 shows the error, then the link to that page is called a broken link. If we have more of Broken Link in our site then the search engine will ignore our site and our site will not be ranked. That’s why we should keep checking broken links from time to time. It also shows the source page of Broken Link, after which it becomes easier for us to delete that broken link.

18. Alexa Site Info (Free)

This is a very important tool for SEO. You can use Alexa Site Info for free. But Alexa is not completely free. Some basic features are available in free but for advanced features, you need to get a Paid version of it. But I would recommend that you use Alexa Site Info for free. This gives you as much information as you need in the free.

You can find the rank of any site on Alexa Site Info. It shows your site’s Global Rank and National Rank. It also shows which keywords are rank, what is the loading speed of the site, bounce rate, etc. Must use this tool, these are very useful tools.

19. Woorank – SEO & Website Analysis (Free)

Woorank is also a very good and best free SEO tool. With this tool, you can check the SEO report of your site. It provides a deep SEO report for any website. You can get a high rank in all search engines with the help of this tool. Because WooRank provides top-class SEO tips for your website. It has a Paid version too, but you can use it free. Its free version has many advanced features that are in the paid version.

20. SpyFu (Free / Paid)

SpyFu is a very tremendous SEO tool. This is a competitor keyword research tool. From here you can keep an eye on your competitors. And you can analyze their website. In this way, this tool helps you stay ahead of your competitors. With this tool, you can analyze any site’s SEO Overview, PPC Research, Keyword Research, Backlinks, Etc. It is very easy to use this tool. Its overview and interface are easy to understand. And it’s also free, so you can use it easily.

21. Answer The Public (Free / Paid)

Answer The Public is also a keyword research tool. You can also use this tool in both free and premium versions. But there are very few features in its free version. You can try the premium version of this tool if you want. It shows lots of keywords related to your keywords and gives a better overview of it.


So, friends, we talked to you about this post, about the Top 20+ Best SEO Tools for Beginners. We hope you have liked this post. If you have any questions or suggestions in your mind that you want to give us, then you can tell us below in the comment section.

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