2019’s Best Money Transfer Apps

Best Money Transfer Apps: Hello friends, As you know, people are confused due to the many Payments App in today’s time. That which app would you use. Which app is correct and which is not. So today I’m going to tell you about Top Best Money Transfer Apps in this post.

Before downloading/installing any Payment App, make sure that all the below mentioned features are in that app or not. Because these are all global features in a Genuine and Trusted Payments app. So let’s know what’s the global feature of:

  • Accepted in All Places: You choose an App that is Accepted everywhere. daily We do shopping from different places, it is important that the Payment application you are using is accepted everywhere. Whether it is online shopping or offline Which makes you easy to pay.
  • Complete the Payment Process Immediately: Do not use any app to complete the Payment process which is time-consuming. This means that you are sending money to anyone, and this money is reaching after 5-6 hours. You must have understood what I mean. You should use a Payment App that includes instant payment, and the money is immediately reached to another person.
  • Have Basic Task: You choose an app that has a basic task. Basic Task means that you can recharge Mobile, Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, DTH through that App. There should also be a facility of Balance Transfer in the Bank Account.
  • Balance Transfer to Bank Account: It is very important to have this feature in any Payment App. Suppose you did a Transaction and got cashback from it. And now if you do not want to buy anything else, then let Cashback go such waste? That’s why you choose a payment app that includes the facility to transfer Wallet Balance into your bank account.

Best Money Transfer Apps of 2019

1. Google Pay (Tez)

This is Google’s product. So you can understand its security, how good it will be. Google has made this App, especially for India. This is a very good Payment App. I gave it the first position out of my top 4 list. Because this is the best in my eyes. And it also has some unique features. Because of that, this is the Best App.

Let me tell you about some of the special features of Google Pay: – The first and the best feature is that there are Rewards on every transaction. Whether you recharge mobile, Pay the Bill, or send Payment. Google Pay gives you Rewards in every transaction. After that, it has another special feature, that there is no Wallet system in it. This means that any transactions you make in this will be from your Bank Account. And the Rewards will also go directly to your Bank Account.

It has Google’s Full Security feature. In this, you can transfer Direct Bank to Bank Money. You also get the UPI Based payment feature. And you can earn money online from Google Pay. There is a Referer Program feature in which you can earn money.


2. Paytm

The name of Paytm will be heard by almost all people. This is an Indian E-Commerce Payment Company. Which was created by Vijay Shekhar Sharma in 2010. Paytm is an Indian company and its head office is in Noida. After demonetization, Paytm has emerged quite a lot and since then it has also become very popular.

Paytm is a very good and Trusted Payment App. It has all the features that should be in a Payment app. Through this App, you can send and receive money instantly in 24X7. Apart from this, UPI based payment can also be done, and you can also do Mobile Recharge, Bill Pay, and Online Shopping.

In today’s time, Paytm has become India’s most populous Payment App. In this, you can do all the transactions related to online. In this app, you get some extraordinary features, which is not available in every payment app. Such as You can book Flight, Hotels, Movie, Event, Bus and Railway Tickets.


3. Phone Pe

It is also has a good Payment App. This is also an Indian company and it is the parent company of Flipkart. This app is also good and Powerful like Paytm.

The Phone Pe App’s interface is absolutely simple and clean. You also get the UPI Based Payment Feature. With the help of which you can Instantly send or receive payments to anyone. Apart from this, you can create a Gift Card in it. And after that, you can send as a gift amount to anyone.



This App is made by NPCI. NPCI’s full form is National Payments Corporation of India. This means that this app has been launched by the Government. BHIM App is India’s first UPI based Payment App and it was India’s first such application with which anybody could use Direct Bank to Bank Transaction from anywhere in UPI’s help.

The interface of BHIM App is very simple. This app is made by the Government of India, so it is also very safe. If your Bank supports UPI Based Payment, then I would recommend that you use the BHIM App only.




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