Benefits of Banana Peels on Face

Benefits of Banana Peels on Face: If you eat bananas, then you will be aware of how beneficial bananas is for our health. Yes Yes, it produces energy immediately after eating it and our digestive system keeps fit and thin women can easily increase their weight with the help of bananas. But when you eat a banana, it throws its peas as worthless. Do you know that the peel that you throw like this is beneficial for us as much as the inside part Especially it increases the beauty of your face several times?

Benefits of Banana Peels on Face

There are many types of vitamins in banana peels that activate enzymes and proteins in the body, resulting in collagen and elasticity in the skin. Today, we will tell you about the benefits of banana peelings. Many of your skin related problems will be overcome by using them. Maybe you are not sure about our point of view, let’s learn how banana peel helps to enhance our beauty.

Remove Wrinkles

If wrinkles have made your home on your face, then you should use banana peels for it. To remove wrinkles, rub the inside part of the banana peel for a few minutes on the face and then pour rose water and wash the face after 15 minutes. Doing so will gradually clear your wrinkles.

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Run Away From the Dark Circle

If there is a dark circle around your eyes and you want to get rid of them, then you can use banana peels. For this, you have to remove the fiber present in banana peels, add 1 teaspoon olive gel in it. Then put this paste around the eyes. Wash the face with cold water after 10 minutes. Doing so will remove the dark circle with your eyes.

For White Skin

You do not have to do anything for your skin. For this, you also buy many types of products from the market. But do not feel too much difference. But do not worry if you want to get strong skin, you can use banana peels. First of all, make a paste of banana peel, then add baking soda and some water to it. Rubbish this paste like a 10-minute scrub on the face and then wash the face with water.

Enemy of Wesson

Anti-oxidizing agents are found in bananas. Who helps in removing the wart on our face. For this, keep the banana peel overnight on war too. By doing this, you will get rid of this problem.

Remove Acne

If you have acne in your skin, then grind the banana peel and add honey and turmeric to it on the face, then you will get rid of this problem.

Remove Tanning

As well as making the face beautiful, it also helps in relieving the problem of tanning. You should use banana peels. For this, you have to make a paste of banana peel and add 1 tsp orange peel powder and curd and paste it well. After rubbing it on your face, you have to wash with water. Doing this will solve your problem.

If you use the banana peel regularly, then the problem of your face will end and your face will be refreshed and fresh throughout the day. By using it all your problems with your face will disappear. If you want beautiful and wrinkled skin, then use it from today.

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