11 Bad SEO Practices That Will Destroy Your Websites Ranking

11 Bad SEO Practices That Will Destroy Your Websites Ranking
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11 Bad SEO Practices That Will Destroy Your Websites Ranking

11 Bad SEO Practices That Will Destroy Your Websites Ranking: Today in this article we will share the bad SEO practices which can affect your Search Visibility. SEO is a great way to increase your website traffic but for this, it is very important to do proper SEO. Bad SEO practices can spoil your website or blog.

11 Bad SEO Practices That Will Destroy Your Websites Ranking

It continuously affects your web page, search ranking, traffic, and conversions, and your page appears in 2nd or 3rd page of Google search result.

1. Keyword Stuffing

It is very important to include keywords in the content. But if you add keywords to your content everywhere and think that your search rank will increase, then you are absolutely wrong. High usage of keywords makes your content spammy content, which is related to bad SEO practices. Keyword stuffing or overusing does not boost Keyword content ranking, it makes your content unnatural and useless for the user.

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2. Title Tags & Meta Descriptions

If you do not optimize Title Tags & Meta Descriptions correctly, you lose the opportunity to further improve your content capability. When search engines bot come to your content for crawling, they first see your Title Tags & Meta Descriptions. If you optimize it properly then it will perform well in search engines.

3. Duplicate Content

This is the most common mistake made by a website owner or blogger. Duplicate content means that your content matches other content. If you fix duplicate content, SEO will be greatly improved. Because Google likes fresh content and it also gives a good rank to fresh and unique content.

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4. Using Target Keyword Without Variations

This is often done by many bloggers who use only one target keyword in their blog posts. Which is not right in terms of SEO. Rather you use Target Keyword with Variations in a blog post. This SEO practice helps your content to get top rank in search results. Search engines use target keywords, related terms, keyword variations, and synonyms to understand your page topics.

5. Not Publishing Content Regularly

If you do not publish posts on your blog or website regularly, you may not get good results in Google search. Therefore, if you want to get more traffic from search results, then you need to publish content regularly. Bloggers who publish content regularly get good traffic from search engines.

6. Forget Fast Loading and Mobile-Friendly Experience

SEO is not limited to content and keywords only. It also depends on performance and design. Google and other search engines prefer fast loading and mobile-friendly sites for better user experience. This is why fast loading and mobile-friendly sites are an important Google ranking factor.

Note: Users do not like to go to the slow loading website.

7. Short BlogPost

If you think that small content can increase your search ranking, then you are thinking wrong. Short content does not perform well in Google search results. Google does not value small content and sees a lack of quality in such content. It also thinks that it cannot solve the reader’s problem. It also reduces user engagement and site ranking. That’s why you write your blog post at least 500 words.

8. Buying Backlinks for Site

If you buy backlinks, it refers to bad SEO practice and you may face a Google penalty because such backlinks include low quality and pornographic sites links. Make backlinks always relevant and well-ranking websites. If you create bad and low-quality backlinks for your site, it can severely damage your SEO performance.

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9. Over Optimize Content

Content optimizing is very important. There are many bloggers who over-optimize content to create SEO content. But over-optimization makes your content useless. And Google never ranks such content. So, when you write SEO content, take care of both readability and search engines.

10. Using Non-SEO Friendly URLs

If you use non-SEO friendly and longer URLs for your blog posts, it affects your SEO optimized content. Make your blog post URLs short and search engine friendly with targeted keywords.

  • Always avoid such URLs



  • Always use this kind of URL


11. Ignoring Keyword Research

Keyword research boosts your traffic and makes your content more SEO friendly. Therefore, before writing any article, do keyword research for it. Because SEO is completely based on Keyword Research. But there are many new bloggers who do not do keyword research and this is a bad SEO content practice.

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