Top 16 Free Backlinks Generator Tools for Blogs and Websites

Top 16 Free Backlinks Generator Tools for Blogs and Websites: If you are a new blogger then you also want to create backlinks in your blog. Let me tell you that the backlinks increase traffic to the blog.

But there are many ways to make backlinks. And often new bloggers make mistakes in it. Remember that if backlinks are created incorrectly, this can reduce traffic to the blog.Therefore, it should always be very careful while making backlinks.

Types of Backlinks?

There are two types of backlinks: one is Do-Follow backlink and the second is No-Follow backlink. Let us know about them in detail:

1. No-Follow Backlink

The No-Follow backlink does not pass link juice from one website to another. No-Follow links have no value in the search engine. No-Follow link does not help in rank your site.

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Apart from this, No-Follow backlink proves to be somewhat beneficial for your blog, it gives a natural look to your profile link.

If all your link will be Do-Follow then google will feel that your profile link is not natural and can also penalize you for that.

Another advantage of this link is that if your site has a link to some other site where you do not like or you feel wrong, then you can add the No-Follow attribute to that link. With this, the link to your website will not be able to go to that website. For example:

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Link Text</a>

2. Do-Follow Backlink

As we have already told you about link juice, Do-Follow backlink helps in passing link juice, which gives a way to go from one website to another and makes a link, It is called a do-follow link.

By default, all the links that you give on other websites or blog posts are all do-follow backlinks.

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Do-Follow links help a lot in increasing the ranking of your site in the search engine and it can prove to be very beneficial for your blog. There is no attribute in a Do-Follow link.

<a href=””>Link Text</a>

Top 16 Free Backlinks Generator Tools

There are many ways to make your blog popular, one of them is SEO, using which you can share your knowledge with people around the world.

When it comes to SEO, then the most important thing related to it comes in everyone’s mind and that is the backlink.

1. UseMe

UseMe will automatically ping your link / URL to 2400+ different websites. This tool is included a large number of websites that accept free listings, and they are mainly info, who is, about us, website statistic, value, business listings, and directories.

2. Search Engine Reports

Search Engine Reports backlink builder tool generates natural & high-quality backlinks for your website. Just enter your website and start generating backlinks by Clicking the “Make Backlinks” button.

3. Instant Backlink Builder

This Website has a free backlink builder and website submission tool. Although anyone can use it. This tool generates high-quality backlinks that will help boost your site’s search engine ranking while taking only a few minutes of your time.

4. Backlinkr

Backlinkr also provides a high-quality backlink. This is an online backlink generator. With this help, you can rank your blog on all the search engines. And you can improve your blog’s ranking.

These tools work very fast. With this tool, you can generate 2500+ high-quality backlinks.

5. Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools is a free Backlink Maker to generate a large number of quality backlinks in a matter of seconds. Enter the website URL and click ‘Make Backlink’.

6. SEO Unity

SEO Unity is a free backlink builder/Generator tool that will automatically submit your website to 245 different websites.

All you need to do is type your website URL in the form and click “Build Backlinks”.

7. Free REAL Backlinks

All of the sites included in the Free REAL Backlinks list are highly ranked websites, and accept free listings. Each site provides a high-quality backlink, and is very helpful for your websites because of backlink page contains your keywords, description, and title tags.

8. SmartSEOTools

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Ser Backlink is also an online backlink generator tool, from here you can generate high-quality backlinks for your blog or website. Here you can create 2500+ high-quality backlinks and submit your blog to 2500+ sites.

9. SER Backlink

In the SEO industry backlink is one of the very important factors for ranking websites. Either a backlink is created from a whois site, forum site, social bookmarking site or any blogs,

All of their types are important as ranking signals. You can definitely use this free backlink generator tool to create some backlinks. This will help your website to get indexed fast.

10. SEO Tool Station

SeoToolStation Backlink Maker is an awesome tool that submits your site to high PR sites from where you get high authority backlinks. Unlike other backlink maker tools, our tool always creates backlinks on authority sites.

Besides making backlinks for your site, our tool also helps to get it properly indexed in search engines.

11. CoderDuck

This is the best link building maker tool is generating valuable, relevant and authentic link building from high authority webpages. They require more work on your part,

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but the long and short term results are very rewarding. This backlink generator will jumpstart your quality link building and website submission campaign.

12. Call SEO Tool

This Tool is one of the most powerful and important tools offered by the Best SEO Tools website. The tool submits the link you give it to many different high ranking PR websites that provide you with backlinks. Having effective and relevant backlinks increases your ranking on a search engine’s results.

13. Dupli Checker

Dupli Checker is a reliable backlink generator tool. It is convenient to use for everyone. This free backlink generator will search for valuable links automatically.

You will get a comprehensive list of quality links for your link building campaign. You can get organic traffic with the help of quality backlinks. These can give you an edge over competitors.

14. Techopz

This Backlink Maker Tool will help you to create some quality backlinks for your website/blog for free. Simply put your blog/website URL here and click on submit to create backlinks for free.

After that, you can also check your website/blog backlinks profile free using in its Free Backlink Checker Tool.

15. The SEO Tools

There are so many backlink maker tools available online today. However, this one is the best! Why? It is because it only lets you post on relevant sites and posts. It takes good care of your backlink’s quality.

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You can also guarantee that the number of backlinks that will be posted with the use of this tool is more than enough to increase the traffic on your site.

16. SEO Magnifier

The backlink creator tool enables you to submit your website or blog to a very high PR website. From that site you can get relevant backlinks for your site, just you need to make sure that you are creating relevant backlinks as they are important to get success and improve your blogging career.

You want your website to appear in search engines, and the backlink builder tool will help you by providing you with a high PR backlink.


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