5 Most Wanted Facebook Tips and Tricks for 2019

5 Most Wanted Facebook Tips and Tricks: Friends, today I’m going to tell, you about some such features of Facebook. Whom you probably may not know about. Facebook is the world’s most popular social networking site. Where people connect with their friends every day, and people post photos, videos, and stories on Facebook every day. But many people do not know many features of Facebook. Because of that, we miss many things about Facebook.

5 Most Wanted Facebook Tips and Tricks


  1. Send an Email to Facebook: In the same way, you can email your Facebook friends to Facebook, just as you email someone with your Gmail. If you want to email someone, then their email id is required. Facebook has also given all its users identity as an email address. You can email any Facebook users with their user name by typing Facebook.com (username@facebook.com). This email appears with your photo in the message box of your Facebook friend.
  1. Facebook Downloading: Whatever posts, photos, messages, the information you share on Facebook, it always remains on Facebook. If you want you can download this data on your computer too. To download data from Facebook, go to Facebook Settings, click General Account Settings. Here you also get the Password change option and there is also a Download Copy option below. You can download all the Facebook Data by clicking on the Download copy.
  1. Get rid of Facebook Tagging: Many Facebook users have trouble with the fact that they are tagged in bad photos. The tagged photo is visible to all your Facebook friends. But you can avoid such tagging. You can use the tagging review for this. If someone wants to tag you with photos then you will see that photo first and then allow tagging. For this, you can go to the setting of Facebook and click on the option Timeline and Tagging on the left side to turn on the Tagging Review option.
  1. Facebook Notification: If you use Facebook in a smartphone, sometimes Facebook’s continuous notification will also trouble you. You can also close Facebook notifications. For this, you need to go to your smartphone’s Privacy Settings and click on the Notification option. Here you just have to remove the Tick.
  1. Creating an Interest List: There are also options for Facebook users that they can make a list of things about their interest. After clicking on the Create List, a window opens in front of you. In which all the things you liked will appear. You can organize things like pages, movies, books etc. by giving them a Name. Also, you can decide who can see the things you liked. Meaning you can Apply Privacy in it.




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