5 Amazing Tips to Increase Your Google Rankings

Today we are going to tell you 5 things that will not only help to increase the rank of your website but for a long time, you will be able to keep your rank stable in the search engine.

Tips to Increase Your Website Rank

1. Optimize Title Tags

It is very important to optimize the title tags so that every page of your site can get a good rank. So do not forget to do this work anytime.

2. Work on Ready Pages to Get Good Rank

Make a list of your pages that are very close to getting a good rank and work hard on them. These are the pages that are on the second page in the search engine. You can find the most authenticated pages on your
website and link pages that rank soon on these pages.

3. Redirect 404 pages to inbound links

When you redirect 404 pages to any other article, that page can get a good rank. There are many tools available to get information on 404 pages on your website. Create a list of 404 pages and redirect them to related pages. In this way the link coming up to 404 pages will come to your new pages, which will improve the rank of those pages.

4. Correct the Robots.txt File

Sometimes we need to pay attention to Robots.txt file and find out that no necessary page is being blocked. If you feel that something is wrong and you do not know much about it, then consult a SEO Expert.

5. Use Google Business

When you want to rank a website or page, you can use Google Business. For this, using the right keyword should citation necessary in the right category. This increases the rank of the website very fast. If you get a customer review then it is even better.


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